Women adore them, on holidays sellers break a jackpot on them, while sometimes they may not last even a day. Guess what are we talking about? Of course, about fresh flowers that can be also used in the cake decoration.

They are used for many yummy things. Including confectionery products such as rose cake.

A rose cake decoration is a luxury trend of recent times. Fresh flowers, as an eternal symbol of beauty, transform the cake into an elegant piece of art. With their help, you can create magnificent wedding cakes with natural flowers, cakes for birthdays, graduations, and children's parties. Even simple homemade baked goods decorated with roses are transformed into chic rose cakes.

Now let's talk about how to make a rose cake design:

  • Flowers must be placed in water and refrigerated until used.
  • Cut the buds from the stems, leaving a 5-7 cm leg. It is more convenient to insert such stems into boutonnieres or prepare them separately.
  • To isolate the stems of flowers from the cake, you need:
  1. Wrap tightly with tape (floral tape).
  2. Wrap cling film over the tape.
  • For decorating cakes, it is best to collect small flower arrangements (boutonnieres) so as not to leave many holes in the cream.

The best rose cake recipe for your lovely cake

To make a cake with roses, first, you need to make the cake itself. For this, we would like to advise a recipe:

  1.  To make a sponge cake, combine chilled eggs with sugar and beat until fluffy.
  2.  Then take a whisk and then manually mix the sifted flour into the dough. Add a pinch of baking soda and vanilla. It is not necessary to knead the dough for a long time. It is necessary to preserve the splendor of the total mass.
  3. Pour the finished dough for the rose cake into a baking dish (20-22 cm) and place in the oven, preheated to 180C, for 40 minutes. The finished biscuit will turn golden brown and will spring when pressed and retain its shape. The oven cannot be opened for the first 20-30 minutes of baking. Otherwise, the biscuit may fall off.
  4. Cool the sponge cake, wrap it with cling film and refrigerate for several hours. During this time, it will lie down and rest and will not crumble much when cutting.
  5.  For the cream, whip heavy cream, at least 33% fat, with powdered sugar. The finished cream should be fluffy and keep its shape well.
  6. Cut the biscuit into 3-4 cakes, saturate with any syrup, and layer with cream. Assemble the cake by lining the top and sides of the cake with cream.

Put the cake in the fridge, preferably overnight, to freeze and soak.

  1. For decorating the rose cake, protein custard will work well. To do this, combine sugar with water and put it on fire. Bring to a boil and add a pinch of citric acid. Boil the cream to a temperature of 120C. Measure the temperature with a culinary thermometer.
  2. While heating the syrup, beat the egg whites until firm peaks.
  3. Then, without stopping whipping, pour the boiling syrup into the egg whites. Continue to beat the cream. It will thicken and slightly grow in volume. Beat it for a few minutes to cool. When the cream gets a little colder and keeps its shape perfectly - the cream is ready!
  4. Color the cream in different shades using food coloring.
  5. A rose cake is ready. Now it remains to decorate it with roses.

rose cake

How to prepare flowers for rose cake decoration?

So, you have chosen flowers suitable for decoration, now let's start processing them.

  1. Place the plant in water before use and refrigerate overnight. So the flower is well saturated with moisture, and, accordingly, it will look fresher on the cake.
  2. Before rose cake decoration, the buds must be rinsed. But do not do it under running water - the petals may fall off. Fill a deep bowl of water, dip the flowers in there for a few minutes, and then lay them out on a towel. Let dry completely.
  3. Cut the buds off the stems, leaving a 2 to 3 cm stem.
  4. Treat the flower with alcohol, especially those areas that will come into contact with the rose cake.
  5. When the plant is dry, cover it with floral tape. Wrap from the bud, gradually moving downward, and be sure to seal the tip of the stem. This tape helps to better retain moisture, protects the flower from drying out.
  6. Wrap the stem with cling film or foil over the tape.
  7. Use this scheme to process all the flowers, and then proceed directly to rose cake design.

Recommendations for rose cake decoration:

What should be considered while decorating the cake:

  • Always choose freshly cut flowers. This is the most important step because if the flowers are a bit faded, nothing will help, and the cake looks not so impressive. Experienced florists prefer to take even half-closed flowers - this is the guarantor of their freshness, while in a couple of days at home, they will bloom and be in all their glory.
  • Buy flowers on the eve of the event so that they do not stay warm for a long time because, in flower shops, they are stored in a refrigerated display case. Have you noticed?
  • Keep the flowers in moisture. Brought from the store - cut and put in a vase. Cut off the buds - dip them in a container with water to be saturated with moisture.
  • Make rose cake decoration just before serving or giving it to the customer: fresh and sealed flowers will perfectly stay on the cake in the refrigerator for several hours.

Hope these tips will help you and make your rose cake fantastic! Roses are always a great option for cake decoration because they make the cake look solemn and festive. Improve yourself, explore new design options, and you will always be one step ahead of others.


  • How do arrange the flowers on the cake?

Draw a plan on a piece of paper the same size as the cake and place the flowers on top of it, so you can see how they will all look together. It is better to place mint leaves and small candies at the bottom of the cake.

  • Can I put a cake with fresh flowers in the refrigerator?

After the cake is decorated, put it in the refrigerator. This will help keep the flowers fresh. Store it there until you serve it.

  • How to prevent the flowers on the cake from wilting?

To prevent the flowers on dessert from wilting in the first couple of hours, you need to properly prepare them. Before use, the plant must be placed in water and refrigerated overnight. This will allow them to be well saturated with moisture and maintain freshness for a long time.

  • Which flowers should not be placed on the cake?

Let us list those of them that absolutely should not come into contact with food because of their toxicity:

  • Lily;
  • Calla;
  • Hyacinth;
  • Lily of the valley;
  • Jasmine;
  • Snowdrop;
  • Tulip;
  • Hydrangea.
March 07, 2022 — Alexandr Oleynik