We often do not find the strength to part with flowers, especially if this bouquet is dear to us. In this case, flowers can be dried as a keepsake. Let's see how the most solemn flowers - roses - are dried.

Why dry roses?

Fresh rose is beautiful, it pleases the eye and gives pleasant emotions. But this flower is suitable not only to put it in a vase, but when it wilts - to throw it away. For example, you can sugar it up and decorate a cake with it, or you can cook jam from its petals, which is very useful. Wild rose fruits contain more vitamin C than lemons!

The petals are also suitable for various cosmetics and romantic decorations.

You can make something interesting from the dried ones, show imagination, and bring some variety to life.

How can you dry a rose:

  • the presented rose can be dried for memory, as it reminds of a dear person or event, and it is pleasant to return to this memory;
  • very popular are rose petals in sachets - small aromatic bags, the contents of which are a composition of aromatic herbs, flowers, spices, supplemented with a few drops of essential oil;
  • you can dry the rosebuds and then use them as a scent for the room by placing them in a suitable container and dripping a few drops of this flower's essential oil there.

You can also become a rose keeper, but not on this scale like Tausendjähriger Rosenstock. Although who knows, maybe you will become the owner of the most beautiful dried roses, for example, black or rainbow.

How to dry roses in home

how to dry roses in home

A bouquet for drying must be fresh. Therefore, if, for example, you were presented with flowers, and you first put them in a vase for several days and then decided to dry them, then most likely you will not succeed in this venture, and most of the flowers will wither. But you can also leave the bouquet in the vase and pick up a couple of buds to dry as a keepsake. So, assess the situation right away and, if you know for sure that the bouquet is dear to you, start drying immediately. As strange as it sounds.

It is best to dry large flowers with as dense petals as possible. They will look their best when dry.

How to dried roses outdoors? To do this, you need a clothesline, which you will pull in a relaxed and not bright room. The rose's stem will need to be cleaned of the lower leaves. After which, the rose needs to be hung on the rope with the flower down. Make sure that each flower has its own space and that the room is thoroughly ventilated.

Roses can be dried in river sand. Take river sand, sift it, and lightly warm it up on fire. Then pour the sand into a box or wooden box; the sand layer should be about 8-10 centimeters. Then insert roses into this sand. And again, pour sand into the box until the roses are completely hidden. This must be done very carefully. This box should be kept in a cool, dry place for three weeks. It would help if you took out the finished roses from the box by making several holes in the bottom through which the sand will come out.

Roses can be dried by lining them with paper. For this, the roses must be laid out on paper, put a paper napkin on top, and then carefully put some weighty load on the flower. Periodically, the napkin will need to be changed until the flower dries up.

Having learned how to dry roses and their petals properly, you can stock up on flowers for decorative crafts, raw materials to make homemade cosmetics, and material for decorating holidays and special dates. Due to their properties and appearance, these flowers and their fragments cheer up and create the right atmosphere.


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January 11, 2021 — Alexandr Oleynik
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