The Class of 2022 has been through the ringer – from virtual learning to socially distanced gatherings, 2022 graduation ceremonies may look different this year. But one thing hasn’t changed – sending fresh flowers for graduation is still one of the best ways to celebrate new grads and make them feel special.

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Congrats, Class of 2022!

Fresh flowers have always been a classic graduation gift. Sending roses for graduation is particularly popular, as it shows a significant sense of esteem and achievement. There are so many awesome bouquets out there, so how do you know which flowers to send for graduation? Take a look at our guide, which shares thoughtful tips for choosing the perfect fresh flowers for new graduates.

Flowers with School Colors

Embrace school spirit by selecting a bouquet of fresh flowers in the graduate’s school colors. Now, this can be the school that the person just graduated from, OR it can be the school colors of the next institution they plan to attend. For example, elementary school graduates love showing school pride for the high school they plan to attend, so sending flowers with the high school’s colors is a nice touch.

Rosaholics has a wide spectrum of fresh roses in vibrant colors, so it’s easy to find the perfect pick to match the graduate’s school colors. Take a look at these bold bouquets.

While monochromatic bouquets are absolutely gorgeous, Rosaholics also has many two-toned and bicolor rose bouquets for the full effect of getting the graduate’s school colors. Most schools have a unique color combination, like yellow and black, or blue and white. Sending fresh flowers with the school’s color combo is a great idea for graduation.

Not finding the right color combo? Then get creative and Assemble Your Own Bouquet by telling Rosaholics exactly which stems to include in the bouquet. This allows you to mix and match different colors to make your own unique bouquet of fresh flowers.

More Degrees? More Flowers!

While every graduation ceremony is special, grads who have finished an advanced degree will love getting an extra dozen to commemorate each step of their journey. This may mean sending a dozen flowers for college grads, two dozen flowers for postgraduates getting a Master’s degree, and three dozen flowers for graduates with a Doctorate, law school or medical school degree.


Rosaholics specializes in premium bouquets that showcase jaw-dropping beauty, height, and vitality. When you get a bouquet with three dozen roses, you know that it will be an absolutely stunning gift for graduation.

Classic Graduation Bouquet

Not everyone has peppy school spirit, and the truth is – many graduates are GLAD to be done with school. For those who are looking forward to the next chapter, skip the school colors and go with a classic graduation bouquet. Cheerful, vibrant colors are great for happy events like graduation. Not sure where to start? Try these:

When it’s all said and done, the best graduation gift is the one that comes from the heart. Include a heartfelt message along with your roses, and you’ll be sending a gift that makes the graduate’s day that much more meaningful.

Rosaholics has the best fresh flowers for graduation celebrations. And, with nationwide delivery, there’s no excuse! Don’t settle for standard – get something special and celebrate the Class of 2022 in style!

Class of 2022

Congratulations to All Graduates!

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