As one of the most celebrated holidays in the world, Mother’s Day carries great importance to those who value family. Whether you send flowers for Mother’s Day or take your mom out to brunch, it’s important to recognize the importance of this holiday so that you can make it count. When you take the time to understand the meaning of this holiday, you’ll see why it’s important to celebrate the occasion with much more than a simple “Happy Mother’s Day” message. Take a look at some of the history and significance of Mother’s Day – or skip ahead to some fun ideas on making Mother’s Day the best yet!

  • What is the True Meaning of Mother’s Day?
  • Who Invented Mother’s Day?
  • When is Mother’s Day?
  • Are Mother-In-Laws Included in Mother’s Day?
  • 11 Ways to Celebrate Moms on Mother’s Day
  • What is the True Meaning of Mother’s Day?

    Mother’s Day isn’t just a random holiday that calls you to pick out a generic card for your mom. There’s actually a lot of significance behind this worldwide holiday, and the special celebrations involved are intended to show appreciation for the indispensable family values, teachings, and care that are often shared by the matriarch of the family.

    Mother’s Day celebrates motherhood, which means that it celebrates a whole lot. After all, motherhood extends far beyond the basic care of raising a child. This special holiday is an opportunity to take the time to reflect on everything that a mother’s love means for her children, her partner, and her extended family. Maternal bonds and qualities can have a strong impact on an individual’s identity and upbringing, and Mother’s Day is a great excuse to reflect on how motherly role models in your life have shaped who you are, your personality, your values, and your achievements.

    This special holiday is very personal for most people, but it can also be a moment to share something greater with the community. Many countries regard Mother’s Day as a moment to recognize the unique contribution of mothers to the greater good of society. This can be as straightforward as introducing the next generation to the community.

    Who Invented Mother’s Day?

    While there have been many long-standing traditions of celebrating life and motherhood found in ancient cultures around the world, the modern Mother’s Day holiday started in the United States in the early 20th century. Anna Jarvis, an American activist in West Virginia who cared for wounded soldiers of the Civil War, rallied for this holiday to become a nationally recognized celebration. After a few years of popularizing the idea, Mother’s Day was officially proclaimed a national holiday in the United States. Soon after, the tradition of writing cards and sending flowers to honor mothers gathered momentum.

    When is Mother’s Day?

    The popularity of modernized Mother’s Day has stretched to nearly every corner of the world. But the timing of when Mother’s Day is celebrated depends heavily on the country. In the United States, Mother’s Day is celebrated annually on the second Sunday in May. Many other countries, including Chile, China, Ecuador, and the Netherlands, have adopted this same timing, making the second Sunday in May the most popular day for celebrating Mother’s Day. For these countries, Mother’s Day 2022 falls on May 8th – don’t miss it!

    In other parts of the world, Mother’s Day is set on other calendar dates. For example, France celebrates Mother’s Day on the last Sunday in May. Still others, like Ireland and the United Kingdom, celebrate this holiday, referred to as Mothering Sunday, on the fourth Sunday in Lent. There’s also quite a large list of countries that prefer to celebrate Mother’s Day on March 8th, which is recognized around the world as International Women’s Day. Russia, Albania, and Vietnam are among the countries that celebrate Mother’s Day on the same day as International Women’s Day.

    Are Mother-In-Laws Included in Mother’s Day?

    Yes! (And, don’t say we didn’t warn you! If you leave your mother-in-law out of Mother’s Day festivities, you may have to deal with the unpleasant consequences!) The truth is, Mother’s Day is not just limited to the biological meaning of being a ‘mother.’ In fact, this is a day to recognize any woman who has played a significant role in your upbringing, care, and guidance throughout life. Many people include their grandmothers, mothers-in-law, godparents, and aunts in this special celebration. In addition, fathers typically recognize their children’s mother by sending flowers, balloons, or gifts to honor their partner’s special contribution to the family. Truly, Mother’s Day is a wonderful holiday to celebrate anyone who has demonstrated motherly care and guidance in your life.

    11 Ways to Celebrate Moms on Mother’s Day

    Celebrating Mother’s Day is full of an endless amount of fun ideas. After such a tough year, there’s really no way to go wrong when it comes to deciding exactly how to make Mother’s Day special, so long as you commit to sharing the love and showing the important mothers in your life just how much they mean to you.

    There are plenty of options for all budgets, including traditional ways to celebrate this holiday, handmade tokens, thoughtful gestures, and even ways to reach out to moms at a distance.

    Still stuck for ideas? Check out these 11 ways to celebrate the great moms in your life on Mother’s Day:

    Breakfast in Bed – Nothing kickstarts Mother’s Day like breakfast in bed! Pick a variety of breakfast items to really ‘wow’ her – pancakes, fresh fruits, eggs, toast, and coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Pro Tip: Don’t juggle the meal into the bedroom! Get a nice solid tray to carry all the items in at once, and dress up the display further by including a small vase with a few flowers.

    Include Kids in Mother’s Day Plans – Let kids contribute to plans by coming up with fun ideas or helping wrap presents. For little ones, special finger paintings and craft projects are a great way to give a meaningful gift to moms on this special day. Be sure to have kids sign and date their artwork as a special memento that can be cherished for years to come.

    Handmade Cards – Both the young and the young-at-heart can tap into their crafty side this Mother’s Day by making handmade cards. Even if you aren’t the best artist, don’t be afraid to make creative doodles, bubble letters, and cute cut-outs. She’s bound to love the effort, and it may give her a good laugh! After all, it’s the thought that counts!

    Go BIG with Premium Roses in Gorgeous Colors – Ready to step your game up? Make Mother’s Day extra special with gorgeous roses that dazzle. Rosaholics delivers farm-fresh flowers, including extra long-stemmed roses, in every color imaginable, so it’s easy to find the perfect hue. Plus, because they’re harvested and shipped directly, the fresh roses are super long-lasting, serving as a delightful display that she can enjoy long after Mother’s Day has come and gone.

    Fresh Flowers at Budget-Friendly Prices – Love the idea of fresh flowers but working with a budget? No problem! You can still make Mother’s Day extra special with Rosaholics’ selection of flowers under $45 – super fresh and vibrant, these affordable bouquets are an excellent way to get premium roses without breaking the bank. Plus, Rosaholics delivers nationwide, which means you can send fresh flowers to the important moms in your life even if separated by distance.

    Recreate Family Photos – One of the best trends to pop up in recent years is for adult children to recreate memorable family photos from when they were kids. Whether the classic photo shows two siblings making a mess or giving piggy-back rides, recreating these iconic photos as adults can make for a funny gift to give mom on Mother’s Day.

    No Chores for the Day – Let mom relax for once! Mother’s Day is all about showing her how much you appreciate everything she does for the family. So, for moms who are usually in charge of mowing the lawn, doing dishes, or paying the bills, take care of these duties and let her kick her feet up! Families with older children can split up easy tasks, too, allowing kids to ‘give their mom the day off’ by doing chores around the house, like washing dishes or dusting.

    Take Moms Out for Special Brunch – Remember, this holiday isn’t just for kids to thank their mothers; adult children are typically expected to remember Mother’s Day, too. One popular idea is for adults to take their mother or mother-in-law out to brunch. Bringing an extra surprise, like a fresh bouquet of roses, to present at brunch is always a good idea, too.

    Get Creative with Loose Rose Petals – While gorgeous bouquets are always a good idea, make Mother’s Day extra special by getting more creative with roses. Why not decorate the dining room table with loose rose petals to set the scene for breakfast? Or, prepare a warm bubble bath infused with loose rose petals to add extra fragrance and a relaxing ambiance. The best tip – don’t settle for silk petals! In addition to bouquets, Rosaholics sells loose rose petals that are fresh, soft, and absolutely perfect for using throughout the home on Mother’s Day.

    Plan a Surprise Outing – Plan a special outing for the family to spend quality time together on Mother’s Day. Be sure to take her favorite activities into account! If she has a favorite hiking trail, get the family together for an afternoon hike, or plan a picnic at the park. If she’s a fan of tennis, agree on a time for the family to meet up and play a quick match. Making an effort to spend quality time together doing something she loves on Mother’s Day is a great way to celebrate.

    Write a Poem – Do you have a way with words? Even if you don’t, writing up a fun or silly poem can be a nice way to celebrate Mother’s Day with real personality and flair. Include specific things that you appreciate about her in the poem, like the way she laughs at the family’s jokes even when they aren’t funny, or the way she brings story time to life when tucking the kids into bed. Bonus points if the poem rhymes!

    No matter how you decide to celebrate this special holiday, remember that Rosaholics is here to help! Check out our huge selection of farm-fresh roses and stunning bouquets. We’ll deliver straight to your door! Let us help you make Mother’s Day a celebration that she’ll never forget! 

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