The most revered holiday in the whole world is Mother’s Day. Despite cultural differences, on this day, mothers in many countries receive gifts and pleasant tokens. It is customary to give handmade crafts, visit elderly parents, and send bouquets of spring flowers. Mother's Day is officially celebrated every second Sunday in May. Each of us has a chance to express care and affection for the very dear woman that is our mother. A day spent with mom in a festive atmosphere will warm her spirit. A beautiful Mother's Day gift symbolizes sincere feelings and gratitude for the life given to you.

Besides, it is customary to give flowers to mothers, grandmothers, wives, and daughters on this day. The best gift for Mother’s Day for a wife is flowers. The bouquet is a universal gift for Mother's Day that will be pleasant to receive from husband and son.

What gift to give on Mother's Day?

According to the Society of American Florists, one-fourth of the flower and plant purchases made for holidays occur on Mother's Day. Data compiled from the IPSOS-Insight FloralTrends Consumer Trends Survey shows that 58% of the flowers bought for Mother's Day were bought for mothers. About 28% were purchased as gifts for wives and 17% for mothers-in-law.

While flowers are a very common gift or even a simple addition to a basic gift, they remain one of the best-selling gifts women receive on Mother's Day.

One of the main advantages of flowers is that you can choose a bouquet for any budget. Moreover, florists will help you find the best rose gift for Mothers Day for your wife. And if you cannot be next to your mother, grandmother, or daughter on this day, then you can pleasantly surprise them by delivering flowers.

  • Lilies, orchids, tulips, roses, irises, and calla lilies are the most common flowers for Mother's Day that you can present to your daughter, mother, grandmother, wife, and other beloved women. Both mono bouquets and compositions made of these flowers represent care and gratitude. Persistent and majestic, these flowers will delight for not just one day. Although the traditional color for Mother's Day is pink, the trend now is choosing vibrant colors and bold combinations.
  • Chrysanthemums and hydrangeas are suitable for a gift on this solemn occasion as a cut flower and a potted plant. It is also often given from room flowering plants of azalea and Kalanchoe, which does not require complex care.

What to give mom for Mother's Day?

What to give mom for Mother's Day?


  • A touching present. Order a photo book of children's pictures where you and your mother are together. On each page, write your memories of the event in the photo.
  • For body and soul. So that mom can relax and unwind, please her with a coupon to a beauty salon or spa. Present a gift in a creative greetings card magnet with warm wishes.
  • Useful and unusual. Delight a woman with a robot vacuum cleaner, a portable coffee maker, or a toaster printer that burns text and pictures on bread.

These are options for good, original gifts for Mother’s Day from son or daughter.

What to give your wife for Mother's Day?

Your wife deserves special congratulations on Mothers Day, and roses will be the best gift on this day. You can complement a flower bouquet with a special gift. Your spouse will appreciate the attention to her as the mother of your child.

  • Delight with decorations. New earrings, bracelets, or pendants will not leave anyone indifferent. Pay attention to pearls. They symbolize fertility, birth, and perfection. 
  • Useful electronics. We would be nowhere without gadgets. The choice is huge, from tablets and smartphones to wireless headsets, fitness smartwatches, and e-readers.
  • You should take into account their hobbies. For an addicted person, there is nothing more valuable than gifts related to their interests. We recommend buying a gift certificate from the appropriate store.

What gift to give a grandmother on Mothers Day?

 gift for grandmother on Mothers Day


The warmest memories are associated with childhood, and most of them exist thanks to our beloved grandmothers. You can thank your grandmother for warmth and affection not only with kind words but also with a bouquet of roses on Mothers Day. Flowers for a grandmother are a sign of attention that is appreciated and remembered for a long time.

  • Create warmth and comfort. Surround your grandmother with beautiful, cozy things like a soft blanket, a natural wool shawl, and sofa cushions.
  • Gift experiences and relaxation. For women accustomed to leading an active lifestyle, a ticket to a holiday home or sanatorium is suitable.
  • Remember the main thing. In old age, health is the most important issue. Buy appropriate products from orthopedic salons, vitamin complexes, or subscriptions for therapeutic massages.

Don't forget to complement your grandmother's basic Mother's Day gift with a bouquet of luxurious roses.

What to give your mother-in-law for Mother's Day?

The mother-in-law will be pleased if you congratulate her on Mother's Day. After all, it is thanks to her that you have a happy marriage.

  • Delicious and beautiful. Present a gourmet tea set with sweets, chocolates, or cakes.
  • Accentuate sophistication and elegance. Accessories will appeal to women who follow fashion. Gift a stole, scarf, or gloves; choose classic shades of beige, black, gray, or powdery.
  • Don’t forget beauty. Collect a gift basket of cosmetics. For an exquisite gift, ask the florist to decorate it with flowers.

How to complement the main gift for Mother's Day?

How to complement Mother's Day gift


Pay attention to the little things that will create a festive mood and help you celebrate Mother's Day in a fun way.

  • Flowers are an integral part of any celebration. You can choose a classic bouquet of roses or chrysanthemums, order a designer composition, or buy flowers in an elegant hat box in addition to your gift to your daughter, wife, or mother on Mother's Day. The main rule of Mother's Day is to give flowers.
  • Create a positive atmosphere. Start your Sunday morning with a surprise. Prepare your beloved women breakfast, please them throughout the day with compliments. After presenting the main gift, when they are no longer waiting for congratulations, order flower delivery. Try to extend the holiday as long as possible.

Use these gift ideas to create an unforgettable holiday for all your beloved women. 


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