Mother's Day is one of the most significant occasions to give a gift to the person you are closest to in the world. Mom needs to be surrounded with care and attention, affection and tenderness; she should feel like a real queen. Why is Mother's Day celebrated? Because mom is the most important person in everyone's life. Give your mom Mother’s Day roses or another special gift. Even if you are far away or busy, surprise your mom and order flowers to be delivered to her home.

When is Mothers Day this year? Traditionally, it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, so this year, Mother's Day will be May 9th.

How did Mother’s Day start?


According to legend, Mother's Day came from the UK; it was there that it was customary to celebrate Mother's Day Sunday. On this day, mothers were congratulated and given warmth, care, flowers, and gifts.

The children of the peasants had already been separated from their parents since childhood. From an early age, they were sent out to work, and they did not see their family for a long time; for this reason, parental Sunday was established. On this day, the children were given a day off, and they visited their families. Even the servants were allowed to go home that day. We can say that this was the only day of the year when the family was fully reunited. In honor of this, the children gave their mother flowers and a birthday cake.

How did Mother’s Day start in the USA?

This holiday appeared in the states at the beginning of the last century. Then a certain young American, Anna Jervis, came up with ​​creating a holiday in honor of mothers who are no longer alive. Anna herself lost her mother, and therefore resentment burned in her that she had not been able to express all her love to her mother and say goodbye to her. Hundreds of American women supported the idea of ​​creating a holiday, and hundreds of letters were sent to all authorities and government agencies; it took more than two years to get through to the officials. Anna managed to convince even the president, so Mother's Day became recognized as an official holiday. When is Mother’s Day? In America, this holiday is not inferior in popularity to other holidays such as Easter and Christmas. Every year, more and more Americans give their mothers gifts on the second Sunday in May. Kids get up early that day to cook a delicious breakfast for their mothers.

Anna herself received a nickname: "The Mother of the Mother's Day.” Surprisingly,  she never had children, but she went down in history as a mother figure.

On her first Mother's Day in the USA, Anna decorated the church where the service was held with white carnations, her mother's favorite flowers. Since then, on Mother's Day, there has been a symbol of wearing carnation flowers in clothing. A white carnation is a symbol of a deceased mother. A red carnation is a symbol that a mom is alive. Soon the holiday was adopted by Canadians, and then it spread everywhere.  Today, Mother's Day is celebrated almost all over the world.

Flowers for Mother's Day

On Mother’s Day, it is important to congratulate both your mother and other close women who also raise children, for example, a grandmother or mother-in-law.

Why is Mother's Day celebrated? Since mom is the most important person in everyone's life, she deserves to have a holiday.

There are two options for congratulations. You can buy your favorite flower arrangement or make a meaningful gift. Today in floristic salons, there is such an assortment that every woman can be presented with a unique bouquet. 

Here are the one-stop solutions that every mom will love:

  • Mother’s Day pink roses. In the language of flowers, they mean gratitude and appreciation. If the gift seems too commonplace, choose milky or creamy shades of buds. This color is associated with mother's milk and symbolizes consanguinity.
  • Grandma will love the bright orange roses for Mother's Day. Buy Ecuadorian varieties. They have large buds and last longer than others in a vase. You will wish the woman well-being, health, and good mood.
  • Present white, yellow, or lilac chrysanthemums to show respect for your mother-in-law. For a mother-in-law, it is better to choose a large variety of flowers. To make the composition look not frivolous, give it more sophistication and femininity. Order spray chrysanthemums paired with roses or gerberas. With the help of a bouquet, you will thank your husband or wife for a decent upbringing.
  • Please your mother-to-be with alstroemeria. Multi-colored inflorescences symbolize friendship and look colorful and fun. Let motherhood bring only pleasant chores and worries. Besides, alstroemeria does not smell; they can be safely given to pregnant women and you need not be afraid that the aroma will cause discomfort.

How to decorate a bouquet beautifully for Mother's Day?


Present a classic bouquet in decorative craft or netting to complement the main gift. But flowers may well turn into an independent present. Order a bouquet in a hatbox for Mother's Day. Paste the box with your baby photos or write compliments.

Moms are not taught to be mothers; they raise and educate as the soul and heart dictate. On Mother's Day, thank women for choosing the right path of upbringing and raising worthy, attentive, and caring children.


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