When it comes to Thanksgiving gatherings, there’s one major rule: Don’t show up emptyhanded. Bring fresh flowers that are worthy of this special occasion. We’ve got tips for choosing the best flowers for Thanksgiving table settings and what to do if you’re bringing flowers for the host of the party.

Share Flowers – Not Food Poisoning!

A bowl of steaming mashed potatoes, brown gravy bubbling on the stove, turkey sizzling as it comes out of the warm oven – mmm, the sights and smells of Thanksgiving are almost here. For some of us, Thanksgiving is a meal you dream about 364 days out of the year. Food brings people together – but what if you’re not a natural chef?

While many of us may have a special side dish that we can whip up and bring to the table for Thanksgiving dinner, some of us are worthless in the kitchen. Rather than botching easy box potatoes or risking food poisoning for everyone in attendance, why not play it safe and contribute something just as important? Fresh flowers!

Flowers are a classic gift when visiting someone’s home for a special occasion – including Thanksgiving. And we might argue that fresh flowers are a saving grace for those of us who can’t cook! Fresh flowers can dress up the table settings and set the tone for an intimate meal with special significance, making them just as important as any side dish.

Roses are particularly welcomed at Thanksgiving dinner because they are a symbol of love, sincerity, and sophistication – and Thanksgiving is often the fanciest meal of the year! With an emphasis on family and gratitude, Thanksgiving is a time to be honest about your feelings and share good times with the people you love. Luxurious roses match that sincerity and tone – they really are special.

Whether you choose a bouquet of roses or a mixed bouquet with greenery, lilies, and other fillers, you can bet that the host or hostess will love the fresh flower gift. Even if the table is already set, bringing a bouquet of fresh flowers is the perfect way to show your gratitude for the invitation – and the meal!

Hosts can always choose to display the fresh flowers in a vase near the window, near the bar, or on the mantle for others to enjoy, too. Even if flowers are already part of the Thanksgiving décor, more flowers are always welcome. After all, you can never have too many flowers!

Shop Thanksgiving Flowers

Best Flowers for Thanksgiving 2022

There are a few ways to approach flower bouquets for Thanksgiving. One approach is to go with a classic color that is appropriate for any occasion. White roses or red roses are both timeless choices that are welcomed anytime, anyplace. Check out Casablanca to see how beautiful an all-white rose bouquet can be. Sunset Garden is another fabulous choice that features all-peach roses – perfect for Thanksgiving.

Another approach is to match the season of the holiday. Since Thanksgiving is always in late November, the beauty of autumn is on the minds of everyone. Pick a bouquet that displays fall colors, like orange, yellow and peach roses.


Finally, don’t be afraid to try new bouquets. Cabana is an amazing bouquet that features a novelty rose with crimped orange petals. The depth of color is fantastic, and it would make the perfect addition to any Thanksgiving party. 

Bonus Tips for Bringing Flowers to Thanksgiving

Still feel funny about bringing flowers to Thanksgiving without a side dish? Don’t worry! Follow these bonus tips to make sure your flower gift goes over well with the host.

  • Get a big bouquet. Volume and size can make a big difference when it comes to gifting. Instead of a single dozen flowers, get a bundle of 2 or 3 dozen roses to make a big impression. The host will love it!
  • Presentation is key. Rather than wrapping the roses in standard paper or a plastic sleeve, upgrade your order to have Luxury Wrap – a chic black wrap that makes the colorful roses pop. Black Luxury Wrap matches the elegance of Thanksgiving and can help your bouquet look dressed up for the occasion.
  • Hand the flowers directly to the host. Things can be hectic on Thanksgiving, but don’t set the roses down where they can get crushed, dropped or forgotten. Always hand the flower bouquet directly to the host.
  • Don’t be afraid to share your secret! When they ask where you got the gorgeous blooms, tell them! After all, asking where you bought the bouquet is a big compliment, so let them know they came from the only source you trust for luxury roses: Rosaholics.

From everyone at Rosaholics, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

June 22, 2023 — Aimee WF
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