Fresh flowers don’t really come to mind when you think of Halloween. After all, this is a holiday for getting spooky, scary, and sometimes downright repulsive! Dead rats, haunted houses, and black cats – that’s more like it! But did you know that you can actually use flowers as part of your Halloween décor?

Okay, we’re a little biased here at Rosaholics, as we believe that fresh flowers are awesome for any occasion – yes, ANY. Including Halloween. So we’ve pulled out our cauldron and stirred up a steaming pot of spectacular ideas for using fresh flowers in your Halloween costume.

Halloween Fall Autumn Table Decor

And if your idea of a fun October means refreshing table décor to throw a more elegant Halloween dinner party, we’ve got ideas for you, too!

So, turn down the lights, grab a candle, and get ready for some creative Halloween ideas with fresh flowers.


Ready to win that costume contest once and for all? That’s the spirit! Having the best Halloween costume means taking things to the extreme. Here are a few ideas to get the wheels turning on your costume for this year:

spooky halloween queen

Evil Queen- Queens love roses – even evil queens! Get dramatic with bold red roses, or try our black roses for an even spookier effect.

Fairy- Want to dress cute instead of creepy? You can’t go wrong with a fairy costume, and fresh flowers are a must to make it feel real. Carry a bouquet, make a flower crown, or pin fresh roses on your dress to go full fairy mode.

Dia de los Muertos Skeleton- Dia de los Muertos is a special holiday celebrated in Mexico to remember those who have died. But the iconic Dia de los Muertos skull décor has crossed over into Halloween celebrations, too. Deck your crown with fresh and vibrant flowers for the full calavera effect.

Halloween dead bride and groom couple costume

Dead Bride and Groom- Need a couple’s costume? Dead bride and groom is a consistent favorite for Halloween! Why go with silk flowers when you can up the ante with real black roses? Order a bouquet of Black Mamba Roses for delivery to drive home the macabre mood and maybe win that costume contest prize.

Halloween Rose Bush

Rose Bush- Okay, we must confess, this is our FAVORITE Halloween costume using fresh flowers, and you can probably guess why! A living, breathing rose bush with fresh blooms from Rosaholics? What's not to love?! You may not be the scariest person at the party, but you’ll definitely be the most beautiful. ;)


Throwing a Halloween bash but want to keep it classy? We’ve got you covered with some more mature Halloween table décor styles. These selections have a little less spook and a little more swag.

fall autumn halloween white pumpkins

Neutral Palette- Cream and off-white tones can keep things cozy as you curl up for a cup of tea with a friend. If your table settings include crisp white mini pumpkins and linens, keep the color scheme going with fresh white roses. We'll deliver straight to your door, so all you have to worry about is the fun part  arranging the roses and perfecting your table décor! 

Our fresh white roses also go great with mummy and ghost-themed Halloween parties and ghostly décor. Use your imagination, and the possibilities are endless!

Orange and Amber Tones- Halloween falls right in the middle of Autumn, making warm tones, like orange, amber and brown, perform perfectly as elegant table décor that speaks to the season.

Our new rose bouquet Cafe Tacuva is the quintessential arrangement for a festive fall table setting. It blends beautiful brown, amber, and orange tones in a dynamic display of crimped roses. Not only is this beautiful bouquet perfect for fancy Halloween get-togethers, but it's also ideal for displaying throughout November, allowing you to hang onto cozy fall feelings until Christmas creeps up.

Halloween decor

Gold and Metallic Tones- For fancy table settings that still feel festive, try decking the table with gold, silver, black, and metallic tones for your next Halloween party. These hues bring a sophisticated feel to more formal sit-downs, but they're still in stride with a Halloween vibe.

Our Golden Frost Roses are absolutely perfect for more sophisticated Halloween affairs. Guests will be blown away when they see real gold roses at their place setting, since these flowers are just so incredibly hard to find. But Rosaholics has the hookup to make your Halloween party stand out. Get ready for your new title: "Hostest with the Mostest."

From everyone at Rosaholics, we wish you a Safe and Happy Halloween!

We love seeing your fresh ideas for using roses in creative ways. Show off your Halloween costume or Halloween party décor and tag @rosaholics on Instagram! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Halloween Fall Autumn table decor
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