Love! Passion! Beauty! A classic flower rooted in ancient traditions and consistent popularity, the rose is anything but a basic bud. Take a look at 7 fun facts about roses and see exactly why the rose has experienced well-deserved fame for centuries.

1. To say something “under the rose” means that it is top secret.

There’s nothing quite like creating a code word to guard heavy secrets and intimate exchanges. We have the Ancient Romans to thank for this fun expression, referred to as sub-rosa. Fresh roses were a beautiful part of life in Ancient Rome. Did you know that Ancient Romans used roses to lavishly decorate rooms and event spaces? Fresh roses were also sometimes worn around the neck as a status symbol.

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2. Some roses are edible.

Like many flowers and fruits, rose petals are actually edible, and creative bakers, baristas, and bartenders have been known to infuse dishes with rose petal extract for a hint of delicate and sophisticated flavor that’s unique to this beautiful flower. Rose water, which is made by soaking loose rose petals in water, is also widely used in baking, though it may be treasured even more in spa settings!

In addition to the petals, roses grow a small berry-shaped fruit called rose hips. Packed with vitamin C, the sharp flavor in rose hips can boost cocktails and teas. Rose hips can be dark red, purple, or even orange, depending on the rose variety.

**Disclaimer: Roses prepared as floral decorations and gifts, like those at Rosaholics, should never be ingested. Only roses, rose hips, and rose-infused products that are sold specifically for human consumption should be enjoyed in that way.**

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3. Roses are extremely valuable – in some cases, worth millions!

For those who like the finer things in life, roses are an excellent choice for expressing high taste and valuable beauty. A famous rose breeder once sold an exclusive rose variety called the Juliet for $3 million. It’s been said that the breeder invested 15 years and millions of dollars in developing the specific variety, which is a peach-colored rose.

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4. The rose is the U.S. national flower.

If you’ve ever visited the White House, you may have been lucky enough to see the White House Rose Garden, which was first planted back in 1913 and has been maintained, renovated, and cared for throughout the decades. The rose is especially symbolic for many people around the country and around the world. Dedicated by President Ronald Reagan in 1986, the rose is recognized as the official flower and floral emblem of the United States. Different types of roses are also recognized as state flowers for Oklahoma, New York, Georgia, Iowa, and North Dakota.

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5. Beloved around the world, the rose appears in many classical texts and artwork, making it one of the most popular symbols in existence.

If you want classic, you can’t beat a rose. Things are constantly changing and evolving in the natural world, but roses have stood the test of time and are recognized as one of the most beloved floral varieties around. This is why they are mentioned and depicted in classical art and literature, like Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Even the Bible mentions roses!

How old is the rose exactly? Based on fossil evidence, researchers estimate that the rose has been around for 35 million years, making it an excellent symbol of life and longevity. Even more impressive, the world’s longest living rose bush, the Rose of Hildesheim in Germany, is believed to be over 1,000 years old and even survived bombs that destroyed the cathedral next to it during World War II – the type of strength and vitality that makes the pale pink flowers on this rose bush even more beautiful.

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6. Rose oil is one of the most popular sources of natural fragrance used in perfumes.

Fresh-cut roses carry an intensely satisfying scent, which is why it’s no surprise that rose oil has been a major component of women’s fragrances and perfumes for ages. After all, who doesn’t want to smell as sweet as a rose?

When you order farm-fresh roses from Rosaholics, you get to enjoy the aromatic essence of the roses for much longer than standard flower shop roses. That’s because we have a careful preparation method that involves cutting the roses immediately before shipment, and we send the flowers directly from the farm to your home. That’s why we can say that our fresh-cut roses last 3 times longer than usual – giving you more time to enjoy the naturally sweet fragrance of fresh roses.

7. Sending roses in certain colors can carry special significance.

Red roses, white roses, yellow roses, or black roses – there’s a big difference when it comes to picking out the color of roses being sent as a gift! In fact, certain colors are recognized as having different symbolic meaning, so it’s best to think carefully about what message you’re sending! A person might be in for an embarrassing wake-up call when they send red roses to a friend and yellow roses to a lover – instead of vice versa. Also, sympathetic occasions, like memorials, funerals, and get well roses, tend to call for soothing flower colors, like white or pale hues, instead of energetic colors like bright blue or purple.

Of course, everyone has their own favorite colors, too, so it’s best to think about what colors the recipient might enjoy the most when sending flowers as a gift. In the end, all of our roses are incredibly beautiful and long-lasting, so it’s hard to go wrong.

There you have it! Keep these 7 facts about roses top of mind next time you give a bouquet to a loved one, and you’ll impress them with your vast knowledge – on top of your incredible taste for fresh flowers!