Freedom: The Reddest Rose

When a farm plants a new variety, there is always the chance that the market will not receive it well. When this happens with any color rose other than red, it’s not ideal, but these farms usually make assorted boxes so they can sell those “not so good” varieties along with other colors. But red roses don’t go in those assorted boxes, when the market rejects a red rose, farms might be selling it for Valentine's Day and that’s it, the rest of the time they will probably throw those stems in the dumpster--often end up taking a big loss on those busted varieties.

For the past 10 years, however, Freedom has undoubtedly been the Queen of the red roses. It is the market’s favorite and every farm’s must-have, thanks to its perfect red color and reliability in the vase as an arrangement anchor. These hall of famer didn’t have an easy beginning, though. It was first launched in 2005 as “Bloody Mary." During the time that Charlotte, Classy and Red Naomi were very popular, the market show little or none interest for“Bloody Mary” . However, the breeder was so sure about this particular red variety that it was re-launched under a new name: “Freedom.” Not long after, it was an enormous success and changed the red rose world for good—at least for the time being.

Freedom’s journey has been an amazing one, being the queen of red roses for so long. Other nice varieties include Forever Young, valued for its long vase life, although it’s a little bit dark, and the recent champion Explorer, whose performance, big head size, and long stems have made her a new contender and a nice addition for many farms.

But how long is Freedom supposed to last? Which variety is going to replace it as reigning royalty? Many have tried it, including Red Paris, Tinto, Sexy Red, and Hallelujah, but none of them seems to compare with the flawless shape and ideal color of Freedom. More than a decade have passed since Freedom was presented to the public, and everyone in the industry is now wondering if perhaps one of the roses from the 2018 collection could become the new Queen.

All eyes are on Finally, Scarlatta and Cupid: three nice varieties with similar characteristics to Freedom. Will this be the year? We are going to have to wait and see.

Take a closer look at the 2018 variety collection and vote for your favorite one—I’ll let you know if your pick beats Freedom. Meanwhile, if you feel like seeing for yourself and enjoying all of the amazing shades that red roses have to offer, I suggest you go check out the all-red bouquet “Red Explosion”, the only arrangement with all 10 different red varieties together in one bouquet. It’s a stunning celebration of a classic flower!