Easy Guide on Flowers for the Chinese New Year

The essential Chinese holiday is the New Year, which is celebrated on the second new moon after the winter solstice. Every year this period changes: in 2023, in the year of the Rabbit, the Chinese New Year begins on 22 January, so it’s a good opportunity to please someone with flowers. A combination symbolizes each year in China, repeated only once every 60 years. This combination represents one of the 12 zodiac animals of a particular color corresponding to one of the five elements (water, earth, metal, fire, and wood). The Chinese New Year 2023 will be symbolized by the animal Rabbit and the element Water, and the year's primary colors will be black and blue. This article will tell you what flowers to choose for the Chinese New Year, considering Eastern traditions and symbolism.
December 12, 2022 — Alexandr Oleynik