What's Your Birth Month Flower?

We often associate the signs of the zodiac and talismanic stones with birthdays. Did you know that there are also flowers by month of birth? Each month has its unique flower and a specific meaning.


December 29, 2022 — Alexandr Oleynik

Birthday Flowers to Give in the Fall

Birthday is a special day for everyone🍰🎁. The ancient Greeks believed that we were given a spirit that was supposed to protect us from the moment of birth. And on the day of a person's birth, it was customary to celebrate this spirit.

Today there are many ways to celebrate this day. We go on a trip, give an expensive items, spend a day in an amazing place, or just celebrate this day with your loved ones. Whatever you choose, each option will be better with flowers.

October 25, 2022 — Alexandr Oleynik

Fall Dried Flower Arrangements

Autumn is a great time to make dried fall flower arrangements from natural materials. Literally, everything will go into business - seeds, leaves, grass, twigs, and, of course, fall-dried flowers. Beautiful autumn crafts will decorate your home and become a pleasant gift for any occasion.

Compositions made from fall dried flowers take a special place in the hearts of "craftsmen". To make it on your own, you can take both fresh flowers or dried flowers. It is better to dry flowers on the balcony or veranda but not put them in the sun. Lay the flowers out on a flat surface or hang them on a string with clothespins. After drying, you need to hang the flowers upside down.

October 18, 2022 — Alexandr Oleynik

Seasonal Flowers in October

Although October is no longer such a warm month, this month is beautiful with its special beautiful colors🍁. October has a wide range of plants from wildflowers to garden flowers, which are trumped by special care. Flower lovers will be able to find all kinds of flowers they need, even in a cool month like October.

In October, we can see the following flowers:

  • Japanese anemone;
  • Tatar aster;
  • Bluebeard;
  • White turtle;
  • Golden aster;
  • Meadow saffron;
  • English lavender.

Blooming October flowers include simple wildflowers as well as garden plants such as roses and sweet William.

October 18, 2022 — Alexandr Oleynik

DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas in 2022

It's time to think about how you will celebrate Halloween. This mystery holiday is a special day that gives you a chance to transform your home into something incredible with indoor and outdoor DIY decorations. On this holiday, you need to make everything as scary and spooky as possible. But when it comes to DIY ideas for Halloween, everyone has only a plan about pumpkins and bats. Yes, such decorations are also attractive, but you will not impress with them on Halloween. 

So, how about decorating the house with a spider web or making a ghost out of gauze? Or creating scary candles, dried rose flowers, wreaths on the front door, Jack's lantern, flying ghosts, scary garlands, and so on.

October 07, 2022 — Alexandr Oleynik

Halloween Flower Arrangements

Do you still think that Halloween is only decorations in the form of pumpkins🎃 and bats🦇? We advise you to change this opinion because this holiday surprises us with new traditions and ideas yearly. One of the new traditions is Halloween flower arrangements. Flowers are always proud of their popularity, and, as it turns out, they can be not only a gift for someone but also a decoration for Halloween.

Halloween bouquets are just the element of decor that will create the right atmosphere and add a little mystery to your home. Even classic roses, chrysanthemums, or alstroemerias can be transformed into eerily beautiful flowers and create a mystical atmosphere for this holiday. What about the flowers' color? We recommend choosing dark shades or those that match the theme of autumn. Dark burgundy, black, yellow, or purple arrangements will be ideal for describing your Halloween mood. The main thing is to do it creatively.

September 30, 2022 — Alexandr Oleynik

Delightful DIY Fall Wreath Ideas

Fall is officially here, so it's time to prepare for cooler weather🍂🎃! Many people love fall for its bright colors, abundant fruits and vegetables, warm scarves and berets, and its cozy and unique atmosphere. One of the best ways to prepare for fall is to create a beautiful wreath to decorate your home. 

In the fall, nature is generous with colors, and the whole world is a riot of color. You always want to collect something, make bouquets, and even weave autumnal wreaths of leaves, cones, and other autumn gifts. And then leave all this beauty in the memory for a long time, because ahead is stingy on wintertime colors.

September 29, 2022 — Alexandr Oleynik