Why do Roses Have Thorns?

Thorn protects the rose (a thorny plant that is very hard to pick without getting hurt), and thanks to this ability, the flower has not disappeared from the face of the earth. Another reason is that thorns help the rose to climb. Roses need to climb so that they can get more sunlight.

The thorny roses are a flower that has always been admired for its beauty and intoxicating fragrance. A bouquet of roses won't be hastily bunched up like tulips or a lilac. No nation in the world has not dedicated legends, tales, or poems to it. It is a favorite flower of romantic lovers, ready to shower their beloved with its petals, and pragmatic people in business who give roses to their beloved. These flowers have always been considered a timeless classic that continues to amaze everyone with their beauty. 

September 28, 2022 — Alexandr Oleynik