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Valentine's Day Ideas

Looking for Valentine's Day inspiration?

We'll make it easy for you to play Romeo this year with a knockout selection of romantic blooms. But why stop there? We've got your back on some extra ideas for making this V-Day one that your better half will never forget.

flowers for Valentine's Day

Start the day by leaving a love note for your sweetheart to find. Loss for words? Keep it short and sweet by listing a few things you admire about your partner. A charming note is the type of keepsake they'll tuck away and cherish for years to come – no matter how bad your handwriting!

Then, take your better half out to lunch for a mid-day treat. Keep it a surprise and plan something sweet, like a picnic in the park with their favorite foods or the place you had your first date. Tight on time? Pick up a coffee and deliver it to their office to let them know you care, even if their schedule is super busy.

Last but not least – fresh flowers! Roses are a classic way to express heartfelt love and affection. Even if you've managed to goof up the rest of the big day's surprises, you simply can't go wrong with a stunning bouquet of roses on Valentine's Day.

roses for Valentine's Day

To make V-Day preparations even sweeter, you'll get a huge discount for playing Romeo this year: use promocode LOVEISINTHEAIR for free shipping! Talk about falling in love!

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