Psychologists say that each color conveys a unique message to us. The orange color is composed of red and yellow and is responsible for happiness, vigor, and signals to react the way we feel. Perhaps this is why many gardeners are staring at roses of this vibrant color.

Orange roses are unusual, eye-catching flowers. It is not difficult to grow these in your garden. The main thing is to choose a suitable variety for a specific region, which will decorate the garden with its shade and aroma. The number of roses known today is vast, and there are many orange ones among them.

Features of varieties of orange roses

Orange roses became popular in the last century. French breeder scientists conducted various experiments, crossing red, pink, white, yellow varieties. The result surprised with a bright sunny, sometimes honey color. The first orange rose colors were presented to the public about half a century ago at an exhibition in Germany. That variety was named Super Star. The demand for such flowers is very high today.

Who is usually given orange roses?

orange roses delivery

The most tender, quivering, and enthusiastic feeling we feel, perhaps, is for the rose. It is one of the most popular and favorite colors. However, some colors and shades raise many questions, for example, orange. Why are orange roses given, to whom, and when will such a bouquet be appropriate as a gift?

Orange roses are saturated with glowing energy; they can rightfully be called the rose family’s wild child. Such a bouquet will always look elegant and tasteful whatever feelings you would like to convey with orange roses. Orange roses symbolize passion, gratitude, fire, sympathy, and love.

The story of the orange rose

Information about the rose appeared a long time ago. The flower was so appreciated that the rulers generously presented who gave them roses in ancient India. 

Orange roses evoke awe and, at the same time, have a powerful energy message. Scientists have long proven that the orange hue has a special effect on our brain. Orange, especially its bright colors, carries a tremendous charge of energy. In floristry, orange is a transitional color between yellow and red. Orange is the color of love, but more joyful and pleasant. Moreover, this color also symbolizes sexual nature.

Who is given orange roses?

You need to decide whom and for what occasion you want to give them before presenting orange roses. The fact is that with the help of orange roses, a guy can give a girl a hint of a closer relationship than just falling in love and affection. If such a bouquet is presented on other occasions, it has a different meaning.

Why give a girl orange roses? The flower itself is a symbol of love. Orange speaks of simple, down-to-earth joy and provides a powerful message for action. It has been observed that the orange rose arrangement brings people closer together faster than any other bouquet. These flowers should not be given on a first date or early in a relationship. They should most likely reflect the culmination of falling in love and adoration and the transition to a new level of development of relationships.

There is a moment when a guy and a girl feel that they do not want to spend a minute without each other; they decide to start a family. Fragile orange roses will say it better than any words.

Rose is a versatile flower and is perfect for a gift for any occasion or celebration. There are a lot of such moments in our life.

However, we can convey a lot of information with a bouquet without uttering a word by choosing different colors and shades. It is worth figuring out what meaning these gorgeous flowers of various shades carry in themselves.

What does the orange rose mean?

what does the orange rose mean

The rose personified a captivating but short-lived beauty, and the unopened bud was a symbol of infinity in ancient Greece. For the Romans, this flower symbolizes courage. Warriors wore wreaths of roses instead of helmets before each campaign. However, these spectacular colorful flowers served as an excellent means of expressing the feelings of loving fans at all times.

A skillfully composed bouquet is sometimes able to express the feelings of the giver better than any words. The more complex the bouquet, the more interesting it is to unravel this gift’s meaning and motives.

Each flower arrangement’s meaning depends on the number, color, and shape of roses and the buds’ degree of maturity. Unopened buds speak of first love. A wreath of roses symbolizes purity and innocence.

Orange roses wonderfully subtly combine eccentricity and tremor, intense brightness and grace. One look at them improves your mood. The color, intermediate between cheerful yellow and full of passion red, carries a great energy charge that prompts action. It is no coincidence that this particular shade, symbolizing energy, dedication, and the ability to enjoy life, is often used in advertising posters. The presence of orange in bouquets always speaks of the intensity of the giver’s feelings and emotions, his determination and enthusiasm.

Tell your partner about your love by presenting a bouquet of orange roses. A bouquet of orange roses suggests that you love not only in a romantic sense but also in a more mundane one.

Moreover, a bouquet of orange roses brings partners closer together than any other bouquet. Simple psychology of color works here. Orange, on the one hand, this color encourages a person to action. On the other hand, it brings joy, and most importantly, it symbolizes love. To paraphrase, a bouquet of orange roses pushes people into each other's arms, moreover, in the literal sense of the word.

Orange roses represent enthusiasm, best wishes, and new, passionate feelings. When you are intoxicated and completely bewitched by someone, you give orange roses.

The composition consisting of white, pink, and orange roses means romantic love, admiration for beauty and femininity, as it combines colors that symbolize chastity, tenderness, and impulsiveness. But a bouquet of blossoming orange flowers and unopened white buds has a sadder meaning; it symbolizes intense feelings that have no chance of continuation.

Give flowers to your family, friends, and relatives. There is a misconception that this is a waste of money. Flowers can make our life brighter and more enjoyable.


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February 21, 2021 — Alexandr Oleynik