We often associate the signs of the zodiac and talismanic stones with birthdays. Did you know that there are also flowers by month of birth? Each month has its unique flower and a specific meaning

Over 2,000 years ago, the Druids came up with a flower's horoscope by date of birth. There they assigned a unique plant to each person. They found a flower that matched their spirit or character. "So what?" probably thought some of our readers. It can help you with your choice. If you need to know what bouquet to choose as a birthday gift, a bouquet with a flower of the month will be a great option.

If you're curious about what flower is associated with your birthday month, keep reading! We've compiled a list of the most common flowers associated with each month.


January – Carnation

The January flower of the month is the carnation. Many people have long associated carnation with romantic love and feelings. While other flowers may come and go, the carnation deserves the status of a timeless classic. 

The January flower of the month is not only visually beautiful. It has a unique fragrance that can mesmerize any nose. Carnations have a rich history. For centuries, people have used them in religious ceremonies and other special occasions.

Depending on what colour carnations are, you may hear different meanings. For example, red carnations symbolize love and admiration. But white carnations are often given to express purity, good luck, and good fortune.

If you or your friends were born in January, the birth flower would be a carnation. It means you can give a bouquet with a carnation as a gift. Your gift will show the person that you care for them and wish them good luck.



February – Violet

The February flower of the month is violet. It is a delicate, exquisite blooming flower. It attracts attention with its beauty. People have long considered the violet a symbol of loyalty, humility, and modesty. In ancient Greece, the fathers often used violets.

February flower of the month comes in many shades of purple and blue. When presenting a bouquet of violets as a gift, they can mean many different things. Their meaning depends on their colour. Blue violets symbolize spirituality. Purple flowers are usually used as a symbol of admiration.

If you know someone born in February and want to give them a special gift, consider choosing flowers by birth month! A bouquet of violets will show your admiration and make them feel special.



March – Daffodil

The March flower of the month is the daffodil. In many parts of the world, this flower has a special meaning. It symbolizes joy, happiness, and new beginnings. The daffodil also symbolizes friendship. And in a romantic relationship, you can interpret the March flower of the month as fidelity. Thus, the daffodil is the perfect gift for those you care about. 

This flower of the month can come in different shades of yellow or white. But they all carry the same message - freshness, beauty, and happiness. Presented as a bouquet, they will make someone's day brighter and happier.

If someone in your life was born in March, consider giving them a bouquet of daffodils this year! They are sure to appreciate your thoughtful gesture and beautiful flowers.



April – Daisy

The April birth flower is the daisy. People associate this cheerful flower with innocence, freshness, and purity. The daisy symbolizes new beginnings and joy. It also carries hope for the future.

If you want to give a special gift to your friends or family members born in April, consider giving them an April birth flower! A bouquet of daisies will make them smile and remind them of springtime happiness.

Daisies come in different shades of pink, white, yellow, and orange. They also have a delicate fragrance. Daisies in a bouquet can express a variety of emotions. It can be, for example, sympathy and friendship.


Lily of the Valley

May – Lily of the Valley

May birth flowers are lilies of the valley. People know them as a symbol of sweetness, modesty, and innocence. You can find this delicate flower all over Europe in gardens and meadows. In some countries, people call it "Muguetto" or "Convallaria."

Lilies of the valley are also popular wedding flowers. They can symbolize purity and unity between two people. Thus, people often use them at marriage ceremonies to create a romantic atmosphere.

Do you have someone special born in May? Give them the gift of flowers of the month, lilies! Your gift will show your care and admiration for that person. The soft petals will bring happiness and joy to their lives.



June Rose

The rose is the June flower of the month. People often symbolize this flower as love, beauty, and passion. We are sure that you most often give roses for any holiday. And it is not surprising! Because the rose is a universal flower for any occasion.

Roses come in many colours and shades. Each shade has its meaning. Red roses mean romantic love. White roses symbolize friendship and purity. Yellow roses denote cheerfulness and optimism. Pink flowers speak of gratitude and admiration.

A bouquet of June flowers of the month is a great way to show someone how much you care about them! Beautiful petals express your feelings without words! Give someone special a bouquet of roses this month to make their day even brighter.



July – Larkspur

Larkspur is the July birth flower. It symbolizes joy, lightness, and happiness. It can also mean a strong bond between two people.

Give your loved one a larch bouquet! You will find larkspur in various shades, including pink, white, blue, and purple. Each colour has its meaning. 

The July birth flower bouquet will bring joy to your special someone's day! The beautiful petals will make them smile and feel loved!



August – Gladiolus

The flower in August month is the gladiolus. It is a tall and elegant flower that symbolizes strength and determination.

Gladiolus is sure to make any bouquet more beautiful and stylish! When choosing flowers by month of birth in August, consider presenting a bouquet with gladiolus as a gift. The bouquet will bring joy to someone's day.

Your kind gesture shows that you care about them and want to give them something special. So if you have acquaintances born in August, remember to give them a beautiful bouquet.



September – Aster

September flowers of the month are Asters. They symbolize love, patience and faithfulness. Asters have large petals. They look like daisies and come in white, pink and purple shades.

A bouquet of asters would make a great gift as the September flowers of the month! The delicate petals will tell them that you think of them and care about them.

These colourful flowers are known to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits, adding an extra layer of protection and good luck to the holiday.



October – Marigold

The marigold is the birth flower for October. These bright yellow or orange flowers symbolize passion, creativity, and success - all great qualities to celebrate in someone born in this month! Additionally, their vivid colours make them great additions to any bouquet or arrangement.





November – Chrysanthemum

The chrysanthemum is the flowers by month for November. This flower means joy, optimism, and long life. These qualities make it perfect for a birthday party in November! These flowers come in a variety of colours. You can use them to express different feelings depending on what you want.






December – Poinsettia

The poinsettia is the birth flower for December. These bright red blooms signify good cheer and success - perfect for anyone born this month! Additionally, their festive colour makes them great additions to any holiday decor or arrangement.




Bottom Line

No matter what month you are born, there is always the perfect flower. Each month from January through December has its unique flower. You can use them to celebrate the big day!

But if you can't find any flowers, you always have a one-size-fits-all option! Roses!!! 

Your favourite Rosaholics store will delight you with bouquets all year round! We are sure that you will find something special for your loved ones! Let the beautiful petals speak for themselves!



Why do months have birth flowers?

Druids and ancient cultures used flowers to mark special dates and occasions. Birth flowers are a way of celebrating someone's special day with the beauty of nature!

Does every month have two birth flowers?

Some months have more than one traditional symbol associated with them. For example, May is related to both lilies of the valley and hawthorn!

How are birth flowers chosen?

Birth flowers are traditionally chosen by their symbolism. Meaning each flower has a special significance. The colour of the petals also plays a vital role in deciding which flower is best to give as a gift.

Does everyone have a birth flower?

Yes! Every month has a birth flower. Knowing someone's birth month makes it easy to find their flower and surprise them!


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