By color, by the dozen - Rosaholics
By color, by the dozen cream - Rosaholics
By color, by the dozen light pink - Rosaholics
By color, by the dozen red - Rosaholics
Red roses
By color, by the dozen 2 - Rosaholics
By color, by the dozen 3 - Rosaholics
By color, by the dozen peach - Rosaholics
By color, by the dozen white - Rosaholics
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By color, by the dozen salmon - Rosaholics
By color, by the dozen red 2 - Rosaholics

The Color Shop I By color, by the dozen

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Product Description

Our selected award-winning farms do an amazing job blending beautiful cultivation while running social, environmental and wildlife programs. These roses are handpicked with love, from the colorful heartland of Ecuador, where the best roses grow thanks to an abundance of natural light and high altitudes.

By Color, by the score is species of flowers native to the lovely countryside of Ecuador. They’re specially handpicked by professionals from a selected group of farms dedicated to growing the best roses in the world. 

Dozen roses bouquet

This bouquet can serve as the perfect gift to the love of your life, family, friends, or even colleagues. At Rosaholics, we have to provide you with the perfect flowers for any occasion, and we do this with our numerous bouquets. You can purchase your favorite by color, by the dozen bouquet delivery for the total $50.00 including shipping fees to anywhere around the world. This price is one of the most competitive in the market, and one primary reason why our competitor’s product cannot stay off our tail. 

We are a pioneering brand, and this is very evident in our products which are all specially handpicked from the colorful heartland of Ecuador on our farms which are supervised and managed by our professional florists. By Colour, by the dozen delivery is available in twelve different colors that are sure to blow your mind away, these colors include; Green, Cream, Hot Pink, Lavender, Light Pink, Orange, Peach, Purple, Salmon, Red, White, and Yellow. It is also available in an assorted bouquet, which consists of a perfect blend of all varying colors from the entire ensemble. 

Dozen bouquet delivery

We take service delivery very seriously and therefore require some information for us to disseminate our duties efficiently. This information will include; a simple instruction on how the bouquet should be arranged and delivered, confirm if your flower delivery is a gift to someone, and fill in the preferred delivery date. 

While attempting to make a purchase, you will also be prompted to fill in a preferable package consisting of a free standard wrap, a luxury wrap which costs $4.99 and an organic cover that goes for the same price also. 

All our flowers are adequately supervised right from the first day they’re planted until the moment which they are delivered to you. We care for them and treat them in the healthiest state possible, one which they can stay in for a very long time even without our presence and nutrition. We only grow organic flowers with the most scintillating fragrance, and this makes them stand out anywhere in the United States. 

12 roses delivery is the best way to surprise someone

By Colour, by the dozen is a particularly cheerful dozen-themed flower inspired by figure 12, which is pretty significant. This beautiful bouquet is delivered is custom order with a wrap and delivered to your doorstep or directly into the hearts of your loved ones. It is a perfect gift material for the love of your life, wife, girlfriend, sister, colleague, acquaintance, and anyone whom you fancy. 

An abundance of natural light and high altitudes in Ecuador gives our beautiful flowers plenty of room to grow and bloom as healthy as possible. Our selected farms all enjoy the beauty in the environment and atmosphere and can efficiently grow the best flowers in all of South America.

Please note: Colors may vary slightly from the photo as each bouquet is created based on the season.

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