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Black Sun (exclusive) Rose Bouquet

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The yellow color usually represents jealousy, but nowadays, it used to express joy, caring, and friendship. But there is another story with black roses. People tend to perceive it as something terrible, but the good meaning is taking place. The black color of roses means the expectation of the beginning of something new, full of potentials and great news, significant changes. Do not think that all goodbyes for the bad; some can be rays of a great start. Rebirth is quite the right meaning here. 

Another meaning of black roses is a mystery. It draws the essence of obsessive love and this kind of atmosphere. 

Or you can skip the meaning and present this wonderful bright bouquet to the one you love. No one can resist the uniqueness of such a gift as a mix of yellow and black roses.

Hundreds of satisfied clients have already left their feedbacks here below. Join the group of grateful customers and make your recipient like never before.

Add a vase or a beautiful wrap to make your gift shine. Subscription option can be an excellent attachment to get an exciting 20% off the original price, modify the delivery date, and a lot of other perks.

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