white roses for mother's day
White Rose Bouquet for mother's day
 mother's day white flowers

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Casablanca White Rose Bouquet

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Farm Direct Delivery! 3 times fresher blooms

Need help? Toll free: 786-206-0183 Mon-Thur 8am-6pm ET
Fri 8am-5pm ET

Product Description

If you're going the traditional route, our Casablanca bouquet is a great choice. These gorgeous white roses are perfect to complement any room. They are traditional, elegant, and classic. These farm-fresh white roses are sure to put a smile on anyone's face.

Rosaholic’s Casablanca white roses are freshly grown in the heartland of Ecuador, just as it has been our family’s practice for generations. Rosaholics award-winning rose farm has delivered the best quality, and most stunning classic white rose bouquets for years. They are products of our firmly rooted culture of excellence, which has helped our family and business survive for years. Our staff is treated with respect, and we expect nothing less in their interaction with the rose flowers. Our work process involves every hand being on deck, and every single flower receives the best care from germination till their harvested and processed for the next client. 

White roses delivery

 We offer the most competitive price on the market, and our Dolce Amore Rose Bouquet costs a total of $106.00 which further broken down includes $91.00 for the flower and an additional $15.00 for shipping directly to your door. Isn’t that wonderful?

  It is our custom at Rosaholics to try and understand every single order as soon as we receive them to satisfy you much better, which is why we ask you if your Casablanca White Rose bouquet order is a gift or not. If it is a gift, then we will need you to write down a message for the recipient. 

You can receive your Casablanca white rose bouquet delivery in three ways; CUTE which is a Casablanca white roses and costs just $58.00, PERFECT which is two dozen Casablanca white roses and costs only $91.00 and ABUNDANT which is four dozen Casablanca white roses and costs $119.00

We would also require you to fill in the preferred delivery date for your Casablanca white rose bouquet which comes in three different wrap types; they are; Standard Wrap which is free and the Luxury Wrap which costs just $4.99. 

Buy white rose bouquet online

We have a long-standing culture of excellence at Rosaholics, and we make it our duty to uphold this culture by making sure that we treat each order like it is our last. We ensure that every detail of the order is received and followed to the letter and our job remains uncompleted until our flowers bring immense smiles and joy to your faces. We offer nationwide delivery from our eco-friendly farm to your door; this means that your delivery is in good hands from the beginning till they are received. Our Casablanca White Rose Bouquet is the perfect medium to bring smiles to the face of that particular person and for an affordable price, why not try it immediately?

Ordering these white roses for delivery is simple. Choose a quantity. Add the roses to your cart. And sit back and relax and you await the arrival of your beautiful organic farm fresh flowers. There's no doubt you'll love this traditional white rose bouquet.

Please note: Colors may vary slightly from the photo as each bouquet is created based on the season.

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