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Roses in Bulk I Orders Over 100 Stems

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Roses by bulk at Rosaholics! In case you need to order roses for a wedding, birthday party or any event, we can send our roses at wholesale prices!

We will ship our roses in packs of 25 roses and our alstomeria packed by 10 stems. The minimum order is 100 stems and you can choose from our diverse and exciting colors. 

Roses by bulk allows you to customize your order, something difficult for others to recreate. We are successful at this because we grow our flowers as it has been the tradition in our family from previous generations. We also harvest and process them after minutes, making them available and fresh all year round for your pleasure. 

Rosaholics provides you with up to a hundred of different exquisitely grown roses that are developed to blow your mind way off its lid. 

You can pick any color

 Here is how to order from us today:

  1. Choose your size: 40cm, 50cm or 60cm
  2. Choose the amount of bunches that you want from each color
  3. Write a message
  4. Add to cart!! 

To help us understand your order better, we’d also love to know if your floral order is a gift to someone or personal delivery, this helps us to make sure that your arrangement conveys the appropriate whether it’s a special gift or personal delivery.  


It's the best delivery in good price

Each bunch of 25 stems or roses begins at just $28.75 or just $1.15 per stem (shipping included) and a bunch of 10 stems of alstromeria costs just $10 a bunch or $1 per stem (shipping included) and you can blend them to your taste until you’re satisfied. This bouquet is usually more patronized by our corporate clients especially product specialists, Interior and Exterior decorators who have a fantastic eye for colors and are quickly drawn to the chance to create as many blends as they can at a go. It is also a choice bouquet for artists, poets, other creative who usually have a better eye for color and place a more sentimental value to flowers. 

At Rosaholics, we’re committed to satisfying your floral orders in the best ways that we can, which is why we have given you a chance to select from the most exclusive collection flowers home-grown in the colorful heartland of Ecuador and enjoy your specially picked flowers and their accompanying fragrance.   

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