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Sour Candy Rose Bouquet

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Two-color flowers, not that unique, but no, they are super unique! These roses look like there were two different separated ones and then mixed but in the wrong order. It sounds realistic, but the truth is another. We just painted all these flowers in a deep blue color. Why blue only, you can ask? Because the original color of roses is orange.

By the way, do you know what this color means? Orange usually means passion, desire, and subtle feelings. Send the Sour Candy bouquet to those for whom you have mixed feelings, which emerge from friendship. However, do not keep the opinion that just because orange roses used to represent passion and love, it can't express your feelings and emotions in a manner you want.

The blue color is entirely different in meaning and stands for mystery but builds trust in the long run. The fact that blue roses can't exist in nature makes these roses have another purpose - impossibility. Those who want to present such a unique gift need to score every corner of his city, such an impossible thing it is.

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