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Sugar Rush Rose Bouquet

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These roses painted in luxurious white color is like a magnet to those who look at them.

Make one more happy person in this world by presenting the pure white sugar roses. If your recipient is a film lover, she will be pleased to get this bouquet with a little movie magic. Be transported to La-LaLend every time you look at these little cuties. 

White roses are a sign of purity and youth. Such tenderness and lightness can only be presented to the dearest ones. It can be your mother, lovely woman, bride, or the birthday of your best friend. You can add a vase or a luxury wrap to make the special occasion even better festive. 

This bouquet is an absolute winner amongst ordinary flower colors; that's because of spots on petals. Colorful spots make the bouquet looks at least an alien flower.

You can say there is a little world in each of these roses created for her only. Who knows, maybe it's true.