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Alstroemeria or Peruvian lily is known for its trumpet-like shape and comes in a variety of colors - white, red, lavender, pink, yellow, or blue-violet. Its flowers are beautiful and delicate and often used as decoration in gardens or houses. 

Romantic alstroemeria flowers bring an easy-going mood and positive emotions whenever you present them to someone special. In fall, winter, spring, or summer, you may find the curious arrangements of these lily-related samples compacting other stunning and fantastic plants.

Roses are deemed the best friends of these natural Latin American plants. So, if you want to repeat the epic love movie feelings, you will win by choosing a rosy alstroemeria bunch.

Rosaholics is an online floral shop that offers trendy products  - gorgeous rosy bunches and  multi-flower bouquets combining tender and romantic alstroemerias or sunflowers. Visit our website and find a flower for your mood, temper, or occasion.

Vivid Alstroemeria Arrangements for Any Season Occasion

Suppose you are looking for a budget-friendly and beautiful flower. In that case, alstroemeria is a popular bloom available for sale that adorns any multi-plant bunch.

These Latin American lily relatives are sources of positive emotions and a romantic atmosphere that could melt any loving heart. If you plan a remarkable date or an unexpected surprise, use season-colored arrangements combining alstroemeria flowers and roses to bring feelings:

  • Summer romance time. Do you want to have the sun in a favorite vase? The Golden Sun bunch is a tangible bright star presented to someone special. This cute bouquet consists of fresh amber roses, alstroemeria, and sunflowers.
  • Fall - a burst of colors. The fall days are rich in vivid colors like velvet, golden, and coral. The most curious floral solution is when you mix these shades into a single arrangement. So, Delight Fresh bouquets are the genuine fall forms presenting a sunny mood and deep love feelings like ripe wine.
  • Winter is coming along with tender beauty. The alstroemeria-and-rose bouquet resembling a classical bride bunch and saying “Love you forever” are typical festive Valentine's Day representatives. The fairytale time associated with sincere feelings could be presented only in whitish tints. 

Experiment with exciting combinations of fresh flowers to celebrate any event, whatever the weather or season.


How long do alstroemeria flowers last in a vase?

Alstroemeria plants are delicate and need treatment to keep them fresh for an extended period. Cut the stems carefully and change the water regularly, and your plants can last up to 2 weeks.

Does alstroemeria have a scent?

Alstroemeria is a natural flower that does not present you with a robust or specific scent. Anyway, the odor absence does not spoil the beauty of this floral.

Is alstroemeria dangerous for allergic persons?

Due to the inability to produce any intense scent, the persons suffering from the allergy can be calm and safely enjoy a lovely bunch of alstroemeria flowers.

What flowers perfectly combine with alstroemeria?

The perfect floral partner for sweet and sensitive alstroemeria is a rose. Strong stems with thorns and the deep hypnotic coloring of this queen of flowers are the opposite of tender and delicate alstroemeria. At the same time, these contract plants perfectly supplement each other.