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The classic mono bouquet of white roses is a timeless classic that looks luxurious and rich. Moreover, you can find buds with different stem lengths on sale. So everyone will find the best option for themselves. White roses with roses in other shades look especially beautiful. Such compositions look very expensive and beautiful, with a combination of certain colors carries a special symbolism.

Elegant and delicate white roses arrangements are literally created for mono bouquets. In assembled compositions, they also know how to show themselves perfectly in harmony with orchids, shading the bright irises or emphasizing the tenderness of eustomas.


Send White Roses for Your Loved Ones

In our online store, you can buy white roses at the best price. Therefore, the price depends only on how much a white rose of your choice costs. All roses retain beauty for 12-14 days and are especially luxurious. Our florists carefully choose all roses. So they are almost as beautiful as expensive varieties. If you want to express tenderness, gratitude, and love to your lady of the heart, give her beautiful snow-white flowers. In our online flower store, you can buy white roses in a bouquet with delivery at affordable prices. The girl will receive a beautiful gift at the right time. On our website, you can find out how much a white rose costs. Also, you can find out how to order white roses. We have not only classic but also original flower compositions. Our talented florists will help you to knit it for you.

To order flowers with delivery, go to the order form. Our prices will pleasantly surprise you.


How to Order White Roses Delivery

Compositions are created from single flowers, delicate shrub varieties with many small buds on a branch.

In the Rosaholics store, you can order a mono bouquet of white roses in an amount of 12 pieces. Or you can buy a prefabricated floral ensemble. Roses in a box or with a soft toy look especially presentable and luxurious.

It is not difficult to make the recipient happy with a beautiful bouquet. Choose the flowers you like, and leave your wishes to your order. And then, you will get the best solutions from professional florists. Our specialists are always ready to help you in case of any doubts.

To order ready flowers, you should click on the button "Buy with a click". 

Our store offers favorable terms for each customer. So, we will arrange white roses delivery, and take care of your time.


Order White Roses for Any Occasion

To order white roses, visit a reputable florist like Rosaholics. Explore their collection of exquisite white rose arrangements and bouquets. Choose the size and style that suits your needs and preferences. Add the chosen white roses to your cart and proceed to checkout. Provide the recipient's delivery details, including the address and preferred delivery date. Complete the payment process securely. Rosaholics will handle the rest. So, do not hesitate to contact our store for additional help and the best service. 



What do white roses as a gift mean?

Elegant white roses are great for expressing deep respect, reverence, sympathy, and love. White roses have meant purity and innocence. So they are most often associated with a wedding ceremony.

Can you give white roses for somebody’s birthday?

White roses are versatile flowers that suit any occasion. Present them to any recipient: from the closest people to colleagues and business partners.

What does it mean if a guy gives you white roses?

The person who gave the rose wants to confess his feelings. The groom at the wedding gives the bride a bouquet of white roses - this is a symbol of great, sincere love and fidelity.

Can I request a specific delivery date for the White Roses Collection from Rosaholics?

Yes, you can request a specific delivery date for the white roses from Rosaholics. During the checkout process, you will have the option to select your preferred delivery date. Rosaholics will do their best to accommodate your request and ensure that the beautiful white roses are delivered on the specified date, adding an extra touch of thoughtfulness to your gift.