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Hydrangeas are truly glorious flowers. Their hues vary from bright blue, roseate, snow-white, and lilac. And sometimes, one flower of hydrangea can be painted in a few colors at once, which looks fantastic.

Japanese legend states that the emperor gave it to the family of his beloved woman to demonstrate strong affection for her. 

Americans give a bouquet of hydrangeas on the fourth wedding anniversary to emphasize love and tender feelings.

If you're looking to buy some hydrangeas, now is the time—the plants are in bloom and at their most beautiful! 

Color range and homeland 

Hydrangeas are a popular kind of flower in their homeland, namely in Japan, Asia, Indonesia, the USA, and the Himalayan mountains. This plant needs a lot of water for good growth. By the way, hydrangeas can be called other names like French hydrangea, garden hydrangea, and Florist's hydrangea.

An interesting fact is that this type of flower can grow both curly branches and in the form of a shrub; the latter option occurs more often.

Hydrangeas have a different palette of colors, so you can choose the color of hydrangeas that is preferable to you or more suitable for the event for which you are buying a bouquet. 

Consider the variety of hydrangea colors that exist and what these colors symbolize:

  • Rosy symbolizes love and sincere feelings.
  • Blue is associated with forgiveness.
  • White means bragging.
  • Purple means understanding.

If you want to buy hydrangeas, it will be a brilliant idea, this way you will cheer up your loved one and enliven the atmosphere with magnificent flowers.

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What to pay attention to when buying hydrangeas?

When choosing hydrangeas, pay attention to stems and make sure that they are straight, not bent, since usually, bent leaves indicate drought. Also, the leaves should be green and vigorous.

Are hydrangeas poisonous flowers?

In fact, yes. Both people and pets can suffer from gore throat. However, for this to happen, a person or animal must eat a large number of flies or hydrangea buds. Therefore, for a human, this categorically cannot be done. If you have hydrangeas at home, watch out for your pets.

Are hydrangeas expensive flowers?

Yes, they rank on the list of the most expensive flowers, together with peonies, gardenias, and hortensias. If your budget is tight, you shouldn't give up on the notion of buying hydrangeas at all; you just can use more greenery in the bouquet to give it volume.

Can I buy hydrangeas any time of the year?

Fortunately, yes, you can find this beautiful plant all year round in florist shops. Even though these are summer and spring flowers, people often buy hydrangeas for autumn weddings.