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Extra-long roses up to 40 inches - Rosaholics
Extra-long roses up to 40 inches 2 - Rosaholics
Extra-long roses up to 40 inches - Rosaholics
White explosion Extra Long Roses
Pink Explosion Extra long Roses
Red Explosion Extra long Roses
Assorted Extra Long Roses

Farm Direct Delivery! 3 times fresher blooms

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Farm Direct Delivery! 3 times fresher blooms

Need help? Toll free: 786-206-0183 Mon-Thur 8am-6pm ET
Fri 8am-5pm ET

Product Description

Are you looking to impress? We found just the perfect rose bouquet for you. Rosaholics exclusive extra long-stemmed roses are beauty with a size that is sure to make a statement in any room. If you ever need to find the perfect gift for someone special, then our long-stemmed extra-long roses will be more than adequate.

Long roses delivery

All our roses are freshly grown out of the heartland of Ecuador, just as our family has done for generations. Our award-winning rose farm has delivered the best quality and most stunning rose bouquets in Ecuador for years. Our extra-long stemmed roses are popularly known as the perfect avenue to create a personalized signature or make a definite statement in a board-meeting and many other vital scenarios. 

Our family has made it our craft for generations to grow and curate the most beautiful rose flowers the world has ever seen. Our florist process is a very delicate one that involves comprehensive care and supervision of every single rose taken to germination. We grow them with the delicateness required to bring up new-borns and trim them suitably to your taste and desires. 

Organically grown roses

All our plants are organically grown and have not been tainted with any chemical products in one way or the other. It’s the one way we have been able to retain our flowers’ most scintillating fragrance, a feature that keeps many of our long-term clients stuck to us like glue and in a right way of, course. 

Rosaholics extra-long stemmed roses come in a variety of sizes and colors, so there's something to fit anyone's desires. Whether you're looking for a dozen long stem red roses or 100 long stem roses for delivery, you can place absolute trust in Rosaholics to deliver the best rose bouquets. 

Up to 40in/100cm long roses

Our extra-long stemmed roses are the best priced in the market by far. We will deliver your extra-long stemmed rose bouquets to your doorstep including shipping fees. All our flower deliveries are custom ordered and will be custom-delivered as to your specifications, which is why we give you as many prompts as possible to help us understand your order as best as we can. We request for you to choose from a couple of prompts including colors, inches, and stem and some others.

Rosaholics exclusive extra-long stemmed roses can be delivered with varying lengths of up to 40 inches or 100 centimeters depending on the specifities of your order. However, it is needless to say that all our flowers are grown with the delicateness required to groom a newborn child. We treat our flowers like unicorns, and until they are handed over to you, they enjoy the best floral care. 

 For our Explosion collections (Red Explosion, Pink Explosion and White Explosion), we use at least 4 different varieties of roses to make a absolute ashtonishing combinations.

Here is how to order from us today:

  • Please choose from our selection of colors: white, red, hot pink, light pink.
  • Choose your size: 32in/80cm, 36in/90cm, 40in/100cm.
  • Then lastly, pick your preferred number of stems: 12, 24, 36, and 50.

Add the roses to your cart and sit back and relax while your long-stemmed rose bouquets arrive at your doorstep in the fastest possible time. 

Please note: Colors may vary slightly from the photo as each bouquet is created based on the season.

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