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If you find yourself in a situation where it is impossible to choose one color of the flower, multicolored roses are your option. Bouquets of such blooms create a unique harmony and mystery.

Thanks to many shades and combinations, multicolored roses bouquets correspond to different moods and personal preferences. They can be both bright and pastel colors. Which one to choose? Tell us about the likes of the person who should receive a bouquet from you, and we will select the right option.

We would love to offer these festive arrangements for you to brighten your day. Absolutely all our flowers are fresh and beautiful. Thus, hurry up to pleasantly impress someone from your loved ones with these blossoms. Their versatility is perfect for gifting at any event.


Send Multicolored Roses

Sending colorful bouquets is a manifestation of care. After all, you don't always need a reason to give them to someone. You can give it as a gift to cheer someone up with colorful rose petals. Or you can send these flowers for such cases where they are especially appropriate:

  • Quick recovery
  • When a person is sick, a bouquet of multicolored roses can symbolize support for them. It gives positive energy and stimulates recovery of health.

  • Anniversary
  • Bright bouquets are great for celebrating anniversaries. They add festivity to important occasions in people's lives.

  • Express love and romance
  • A multicolored roses bouquet can be a beautiful symbol of love and romance. Each flower shade reflects certain aspects of love. It helps to express your feelings to the person important to you.

    It doesn't matter if you are looking for blooms for a crucial event or just like that. Bright roses are an excellent option for pleasantries for any occasion. 



    How to Order Colored Roses Delivery

    Have you decided on a farm fresh roses option? Next, you are faced with the task of specifying the delivery details. After that, our florists will instantly send you your desired bouquet. What do you need to do for this? Just a few simple steps:

    1. Visit our website and choose the flower options you like the most;
    2. Specify the number of roses;
    3. You can add personal wishes regarding packaging;
    4. After that, write the address for delivery;
    5. Recheck the information to make sure everything is correct;
    6. Wait for your order.

    Our delivery is carried out within 3-4 days from the moment of the order. We deliver flowers to all 50 US states. So, give a drop of happiness to your loved ones with the help of colored roses delivery. The aesthetic of these blooms will not leave others indifferent.


    Choose Multicolored Roses to Impress Someone Special

    Classic bouquets of roses are gorgeous and refined. But even they can't evoke such pleasant feelings as colorful bouquets. After all, when a composition combines all possible variants of flower colors, it attracts special attention.

    Multicolored roses create a striking visual effect. The pronounced contrast of colors creates an unforgettable impression:

    • The combination of bright roses allows you to convey a wide range of feelings. Thus, you can accurately express your emotions.
    • A bouquet of multicolored roses differs from ordinary monochrome arrangements. So, it makes an impression because of its diversity. 

    Each hue of a farm-fresh rose has a special meaning and conveys distinct feelings. You can send a personal message to the receiver of the flowers by selecting particular colors. It will undoubtedly catch them off guard and leave a lasting impact on you.



    Can you give multi-colored roses for a birthday?

    A bouquet of multicolored roses will be a brilliant alternative to a classic bouquet. People in creative professions will appreciate these flowers. Alternatively, you can combine scarlet, cream, and yellow roses in one bouquet. A vivid and stylish arrangement always catches the eye.

    What do the rainbow roses symbolize?

    There is no particular meaning in rainbow roses. However, depending on the prevailing color, it takes meaning. For instance, let’s take a rainbow bouquet with orange and purple hues - these colors symbolize happiness, joy, and positivity.

    How do florists get colorful roses?

    Florists cut the flower's stem and place the different ends in the colored water. After a while, the petals begin to color, and thus roses of unusual shades are obtained.