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Can’t decide the color of roses or want red, yellow, and green roses at the same time? Why not buy multicolored roses and fulfill your wish. A bouquet of multicolored roses undoubtedly surprises the giftee and makes them smile.  

We would love to offer these festive and eye-catching bouquets which make your day! Fantastic blooms suit any occasion and justify their price. We offer only fresh plants grown among lush terrain and pristine conditions, and we are proud of running eco-friendly wildlife programs for the community.

How do we get multicolored roses? 

Obviously, multicolored buds do not occur in nature and are usually created by florists putting white rose stems in the colored water. By absorbing water, the rose paints its petals in different colors. Now, florists are experimenting not only with white roses but also with flowers of other shades. In this case, the end result is difficult to predict.

The great benefit of rainbow roses is that you can give them on any occasion and to any person. There is no specific meaning, and an enjoyable bouquet can surprise anyone with its originality. Our shop has several fascinating arrangements: 

  • Rainbow Roses is a fantastic bouquet for positive and enthusiastic people.  
  • Cinnamon bouquet seems a bit feminine due to prevailing orange, rose, and peach colors. Do you want to date a girl on a sandy beach at sunset? Great idea, great bouquet! 
  • Cotton Cloud Roses bouquet is arranged in purple, yellow, and blue hues. Flowers can be given to your wife who has delivered a baby girl or your daughter who is obsessed with Disney princesses. The arrangement is made of delicate hues and can emphasize the beauty and sophistication of the giftee.  

Need more? We have a large selection of juicy premium-quality roses, and multicolored rose bouquets are in demand. If you need help, our assistants gladly introduce the best flowers and orient in prices. Choosing lovely roses at a reasonable price is possible with Rosaholics! 


Can you give multi-colored roses for a birthday?

A bouquet of multicolored roses will be a brilliant alternative to a classic bouquet. People in creative professions will appreciate these flowers. Alternatively, you can combine scarlet, cream, and yellow roses in one bouquet. A vivid and stylish arrangement always catches the eye.

What do the rainbow roses symbolize?

There is no particular meaning in rainbow roses. However, depending on the prevailing color, it takes meaning. For instance, let’s take a rainbow bouquet with orange and purple hues - these colors symbolize happiness, joy, and positivity.

How do florists get colorful roses?

Florists cut the flower's stem and place the different ends in the colored water. After a while, the petals begin to color, and thus roses of unusual shades are obtained.