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Do you want to combine sophistication and mystery in one bouquet? Silver roses are precisely the flowers that are for creating such an exclusive image. They are a specific challenge to traditional thinking. After all, these blooms are distinguished by their unusualness and unpredictability.

Silver-colored roses are a symbol of elegance and aesthetics. They gracefully complement any style and add charm to any environment. So, such flowers can be an ideal gift for someone and a decoration for the festive atmosphere.

Rosaholics guarantee you the highest quality silver rose bouquets. Grown in ecological conditions on our farms, they always look fresh and gorgeous. That's why we can create for you not only a plain bouquet but roses arranged into curios compositions with other flowers.


Send Silver Roses 

You don't have to buy something expensive to make your family or friends happy. For this, it is enough to choose a silver rose bouquet that impresses others' feelings. Such flowers attract with their mysterious aura and cause a flow of positive emotions. So, there are several reasons why your loved ones should receive silver roses from you:

  • With their help, you can show your gratitude to the recipient;
  • They can be a symbol of support and understanding;
  • These flowers are an ideal choice for romantic dates;
  • Sending a silver rose gift for a birthday can be an unexpected and original gesture;
  • They can be an excellent choice for a wedding bouquet.

Due to the uniqueness of silver roses, they can be a surprise for anyone from your surroundings. And it doesn't matter if it's your beloved one or colleagues. Their diversity can give a special meaning to any person you give these flowers to.


How to Order Silver Roses with Nationwide Delivery

If your relatives or friends are in another state of the country, but you want to deliver flowers to them, that's not a problem. With our fast delivery service, you can now order silver roses. Delivery takes few days from the moment of ordering. When you have chosen your bouquet, our florists immediately arrange and send it.

We deliver silver-colored roses to all states of the US. And we can send flowers to any address recognized by UPS. Our customers usually receive their flowers at the right time on the day of delivery. And the crucial thing is that even after the flowers are transported, they keep their fresh look.


Silver Roses as a Gift for Special Occasion 

People's daily routine is filled with festive moments from time to time. You are surrounded by both traditional holidays and the successes of your loved ones. Such cases can be an excellent reason to give them a silver rose gift. But for what special occasions to send them these flowers? Read below:

  • Romantic evening
  • Fresh silver roses are a symbol of mystery and tenderness. Giving them as a gift for a romantic evening can awaken sympathy.

  • Wedding
  • These roses are perfect as decoration at a wedding ceremony. They can add a touch of uniqueness to the traditional wedding mood.

  • Professional achievements
  • Giving such flowers can express gratitude and recognition for great professional achievements. They symbolize success and prestige.

  • Anniversary
  • For this occasion, silver blooms are a wonderful symbol of strong relationships.

    Let a silver rose bouquet become an unforgettable symbol of your attention, care, and respect for the person you give it to. 



    Are there real silver roses?

    Silver roses differ from classical flowers by color, which is non-typical. Such roses have an odor and can wilt with time; they could not qualify as artificial ones. Indeed, people got silver roses as a result of environment-safe methods of dyeing the classical roses with silvery tints. So, they are real roses with some coloring modifications.

    What do silver flowers symbolize?

    Silver flowers symbolize elegance, luxury, and royal nobility. All these features mean the highly positive feelings expressed to a particular giftee.

    Are silver roses expensive?

    Although the silver roses have an original shape and color, they are not so expensive and accessible to everyone. Their prices are set on the same level as red or pink samples. So, a charming bunch of dozen silver flowers costs 70 to 77 USD.