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Silver is deemed the color of welfare, luxury, and stability. Silver roses symbolize elegance and exquisite taste. Silver roses are not just aesthetically pleasing - they also have some health benefits - they contain high levels of polyphenols, which are antioxidants. The unique feature of fresh silver roses is their hypnotizing ability to attract the attention of persons receiving this charming present. 

In Rosaholics, you may buy silver roses arranged into curios compositions with other flowers.

Silver Roses as Gifts for Our Loved Ones

Silver roses are often a good gift idea for your significant other. They are splendid, elegant, and sometimes even expensive. That's why they make for a great gift choice for special occasions like Valentine's Day and anniversaries.

Thanks to their tint with slight superb dyeing, they can be combined with other shades like pink, light orange, or blue.

This untypically colored queen of flowers could send a special message to a woman or a girl you have the warmest feelings. So, silver roses have hidden powers to impress everyone who receives such amazing arrangements. As such, you may choose Rosaholics’s silvery flowers:

  • To buy them for a girlfriend. The best option to demonstrate sincere feelings for a girl you love and plan to make your future wife is a bunch of silver and pink roses. An exclusive Milan bouquet delivered to a special girl is a way to prove forever-heartbeat attitudes with a romantic and sensitive feeling background.
  • To buy them for a wife.  Suppose you do not know how to surprise your wife on a family holiday or a wedding anniversary. In that case, silver roses are flowers that add something extraordinary to the everyday routine and strengthen the couple's affairs. Lucida roses are the exact sample of such a floral surprise for a woman of your life.
  • To buy them for a workmate or good female friend. Your close female friends, colleagues, business partners, or bosses also need some attention and appreciation from your side, especially when they celebrate their special holidays. In this case, fresh silver roses will help satisfy their wishes and become the unexpected gift that proves your kind attitude to them.

Silver roses are an excellent present for a man on a birthday or any other male occasion. They could have a more official and presentable appearance when such flowers combine silver and blue tints, like argento roses.


Are there real silver roses?

Silver roses differ from classical flowers by color, which is non-typical. Such roses have an odor and can wilt with time; they could not qualify as artificial ones. Indeed, people got silver roses as a result of environment-safe methods of dyeing the classical roses with silvery tints. So, they are real roses with some coloring modifications.

What do silver flowers symbolize?

Silver flowers symbolize elegance, luxury, and royal nobility. All these features mean the highly positive feelings expressed to a particular giftee.

Are silver roses expensive?

Although the silver roses have an original shape and color, they are not so expensive and accessible to everyone. Their prices are set on the same level as red or pink samples. So, a charming bunch of dozen silver flowers costs 69 to 76 USD.