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The rushing multi-million-person New York City never sleeps. Brooklyn, a New York City borough, has 2.5 million people. Most of them are constantly on the go, forgetting about the pleasures of life. Why not make your day even more wonderful with a fragrant and lovely floral arrangement?

Do your close friends have a birthday, and you want to surprise them? 

Do you have a friend who is getting married, and you don't want to buy them an uninteresting gift?

And you're bored of your mundane life, so you want to brighten it up?

Flowers are suitable for every occasion. If you don't have time to go to the boutique stores but need a gift immediately, Rosaholic's Brooklyn flower delivery is a good option.

Rosaholics Flower Delivery in Brooklyn, New-York

New York's state flower is the rose.Rosaholics specializes in roses and strives to produce every type of rose possible. We also have alstroemerias, hydrangeas, and sunflowers for flower delivery in New York.


The heart, mercy, forgiveness, divine love, sacrifice, and victory are all connected with this flower. Roses given to a girl speak of a man’s feelings. The more intense their shade, the stronger is his emotions. Variegated mixes of flowers hint at insight and flirting toward a woman. Giving a bouquet to a man is interpreted as a sign of respect and a wish for success in his career.

What are other flowers available for delivery in Brooklyn, NY?


In floral messaging, alstroemeria is the flower of friendliness. As a rule, the inflorescence has six petals. Every petal in France is credited with a symbol or property valued in friends: understanding, humor, patience, compassion, activity, and respect. They're frequently interpreted as standing for mutual support.


Hydrangea is a symbol of the kindness of nature. With the help of this plant, you may quickly build a relationship and demonstrate to someone how much you care about them. The hydrangea stands for love, appreciation, beauty, peace, harmony, and elegance. 


They symbolize joy, enthusiasm, and friendliness. Because of the story of Clytie and Apollo, sunflowers stand for devotion and admiration. Sunflowers are also regarded as cheerful flowers and are the ideal bloom for a summer flower delivery to lift someone's spirits because of their connection to the sun.

Which options of flower delivery are available in New York (Brooklyn)?

With over 20 years of experience, the Rosaholics team is made up of experts in premium rose cultivation and delivery. Our farm-to-door delivery service uses an innovative "you order, we cut them" approach to assure maximum quality. We ship to any US zip code and postal address recognized and served by UPS within their delivery radius, anywhere in the United States. We provide 3-4 day shipping on most floral arrangements; however, only Preserved Roses are accessible for next-day delivery.

FAQ About Flower Delivery In Brooklyn, New York:

How can I send flowers to Brooklyn, NY?

Rosaholics is the most well-known flower delivery business in New York City. Choose the best arrangement options available in the Rosaholics shop.

How much does flower delivery cost in Brooklyn?

It depends on UPS fees. The prices start from $10.

How long does flower delivery take in Brooklyn?

We provide 3-4 day shipping on most goods. Only Preserved Roses are eligible for next-day shipping.