Love without communication is impossible. But how would you enjoy companionship when your loved ones are far away? You need some gift to convey your feelings for a loved one when the distance between you doesn’t allow you to give it in person. You can think of a million things, but nothing is as romantic as flowers💐. Flowers are the best expressions of emotion with their charming appearance, soothing fragrance, and ability to brighten a mood or space. When you want to tell someone, "I miss you," you should be aware of the flowers that convey that specific emotion. It is very romantic to say how you feel by giving them a bouquet of certain flowers. After all, each flower has its meaning. Today we will tell you how to tell in a tacit language of flowers that you miss.


Flowers That Mean “I Miss You”

In the Victorian era, the language of flowers was used to express feelings in secret, in those cases where they could not talk about them openly. And it is right because bouquets can express any feelings and emotions: from tender and fiery love to hatred and disrespect. Look below for the best flowers for missing someone.




Pretty roses are the best way to tell these three critical words. There are small pink, white, or yellow roses that can be such a good option. There are different colors of roses, but when it comes to saying "I miss you," you should choose peach, pink, and cream flowers. These roses will perfectly convey your feelings not in a simple bouquet but in a gorgeous arrangement. Long-stemmed roses, chosen with care, symbolize a timeless and profound expression of love and gratitude. This rose arrangement simultaneously creates a sense of romance and loneliness with a dash of celebration. The romance lies in your heart, the loneliness lies in being away from your beloved, and the fun lies in meeting soon!




A sweet but sentimental way to let someone know you miss them is with carnations. Pink and red are the best colors of carnations you should pick to express that you miss somebody. Pink carnations say, "You are unforgettable," and red flowers mean, "I miss and admire you." The soft and sweet scent will create a melancholy atmosphere, and you're sure to get a call from someone you've been missing for some time.


Pink Camellias

Pink Camellias

Pink camellia, combined with white roses, will tell of tender love and longing. A flower in a duet with yellow acacia tells of regret of parting and missing someone. You will speak about the melancholy of the beloved from the separation with "flowers of love" - gerberas. And a bouquet of lavender and pink camellia will reveal the secret that the giver not only misses but also does not see anyone else near him.





Orchids are royal decorative flowers, and specimens in white symbolize "I miss you." White orchids also convey purity, innocence, and elegance. These flowers are easy to care for, which is why they will remind one of the senders.





The combination of pansies and forget-me-nots can be one more good example of “I miss you” flowers. It tells us that the giver is experiencing sincere love and misses, always thinking about the object of love. A duet with daisies represents fiery love and anticipation of an imminent meeting. The daisy itself means, "I'm only happy with you."




Lilies, with their large petals, resonate strongly with the feeling of missing someone. In particular, the hybrids from the Oriental lily group are the ones that say, I miss you. They carry a strong fragrance, and their petals have spots. These flowers come in pink, red, and white. Lilies always create a romantic atmosphere. You can choose your favorite flowers among the many options on the market as a symbol of missing someone.





These are beautiful flowers with an incredible fragrance. A bouquet of yellow daffodils and pansies will whisper: "I miss you, the whole world is not nice to me without you." And replacing daffodils with primrose, you will tell your beloved about the soulful melancholy and fiery passion.


Best “I Miss You” Bouquets

Now you know about flowers that accurately express the "I miss you" emotion, it will be easier to decide on floral gifts that express that emotion beautifully. Rosaholics presents a fantastic collection of bouquets. Check out some of the best ones here.


“Classic Red”
bouquet Classic Red

This heart-warming arrangement speaks of beauty, memory, and excellence. Your "special someone" will know that you not only miss them too much but that you also have chosen a creative gift. We use beautiful decorations for exquisite red roses that share love and admiration. This floral arrangement of classic roses also expresses "I admire you."


“Dolce Amore”
bouquet Dolce Amore

 One more type of red rose is the flower for missing someone. The short distance between you and your lover makes you need to express your feelings more often. This stylish and charismatic arrangement of unusual red roses with a white center shows that you care about this person and remember them. 



bouquet Golden Sun
“Golden Sun”

This floral arrangement will surely cheer up your beloved, even if you're not around. Bright yellow roses combined with a sunflower in the center give a lot of emotions. It is exactly a symbol of missing someone.



bouquet Serendipity

If you want something unusual and exotic, you should look closer at this bouquet.

The delicate blue color will accurately convey the whole palette of your feelings and experiences and provide soothing, as blue symbolizes tranquillity and harmony.



Bottom Line 

It is essential to please a person. Even at a distance with flowers for missing someone. If you do not know how to tell your beloved how much you miss her, our florists will help you to do it. Order flowers with delivery in our online store, and we will ensure that your girlfriend knows how much you love her.



What can I say instead of I miss you?

"When I'm in your arms, I always feel at home. And now I feel incredibly homesick." Say this phrase, and your significant other will definitely realize the depth of your experience.

What color should I give flowers if I am missing?

White usually means longing and melancholy. But we recommend not stopping on it only. You should consider brighter and more colorful options as a symbol of missing someone to lift your partner’s spirit.

What is “I miss you” in short?

We say the phrase "I miss you" when we break up with someone we love. But the full meaning of this phrase is understood only in the context of a long-distance relationship. Maintaining a strong bond with the person is important even when not together.

How do you tell a guy you miss him?

A good option to tell a guy about your experiences is a bouquet of pretty flowers. Believe us, men also like to receive bouquets. The main thing is to keep it concise and original.


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