Everything is never smooth in a relationship. A scandal ensues due to an ill-considered word or a short phrase. No matter what happens, do not delay with an apology. Otherwise, the situation will be out of control, and the woman will be upset even more. A strong person always makes contact first. The secret of a strong relationship is to be able to find a compromise.

A bouquet is one of the best ways to return to mutual understanding and warmth. Of course, if it is chosen correctly.

The offended girl should see your efforts. Flowers, bought in a hurry in the nearest stall, are not the right option. Such a bouquet will only make her even angrier because a woman will consider the gift a formality. 

If you decide to apologize using flowers, the question immediately arises: “What kind of bouquet should it be?” We will help you with this difficult choice. 


Flowers for Saying Sorry for a Girlfriend 

If it is difficult to say "sorry" with words, it is better to give something beautiful and warm to the soul. Expensive gifts are unsuitable for an apology because the offended person will think they are trying to pay him off. A bouquet is the best, as such a gift will not arouse suspicion.

An apology with flowers has been practiced for many decades. It is already a kind of tradition. A person who receives a bouquet immediately understands why it was given and makes the correct conclusions. The bunch for reconciliation must meet the following requirements:

  • consist only of fresh flowers;
  • contain greenery;
  • have from 3 to 7 large plants;
  • be simple and presentable at the same time.

Below, you can see the most common examples of flowers to say, “I'm sorry.”


1. If You Quarreled with Your Wife

If You Quarreled with Your Wife

A bouquet of lush, bright red roses will remind your wife how much you love her. Well, if your house has a vast steady vase, do not spare the money and order a bouquet of many extra-long roses with big buds. The best option is to give her a bouquet of her favorite flowers, as mentioned above. If you don't know what flowers your wife prefers for some reason, or you can't get them (due to seasonality), feel free to give her roses! Rose is the flower that means an apology. She will be pleasantly surprised. Even if she criticized you for wastefulness, she would willingly agree to reconcile. And this is the main thing!


2. If You Had a Conflict with the Beloved Girl

If You Had a Conflict with the Beloved Girl

 A bouquet of delicate, graceful eustoms will be just the right flowers to say sorry, as one more variant. The exception, perhaps, is only one: if you know for sure that the girl is indifferent to these flowers. If your girlfriend likes Instagram, give her a large bouquet of 101 flowers! The extra number of subscribers will make her happy, and she will favorably accept your attempt to reconcile.


3. If You Disagree with Your Mother

If You Disagree with Your Mother

Present her a bouquet of graceful  flowers  - alstroemerias for saying sorry.  But a bunch of "queens of autumn" - chrysanthemums is well suited also. 

Mother is also a significant person. Unfortunately, conflicts also happens. Especially when aging parents stubbornly do not want to understand that their children are adults and do not need constant care and advice. But, of course, even if you have a reason to be angry with your mother, it is better to make up quickly using beautiful bouquet.

Flower to Say Sorry to Important Women in Your Life

Try to present precisely the flowers that the person you apologize to loves. You can attach flowers with a note or a postcard with words of apology. You need to be clear in your thoughts. Say that you are sorry for the hurtful words you said in a fit of temper or for the wrong thing you did. Finally, ask her to sincerely forgive you. You can be inspired by the options below.


1. There was a Row with a Colleague at Work

There was a Row with a Colleague at Work


No one is safe from this kind of trouble, either. You may give her a bouquet of white roses, peonies, or lilies as a sign of regret and acknowledgment of guilt. You can replace them with soft pink roses, but not red ones. Remember, you want to reconcile, not make a declaration of love.


2. If You Disagreed with Your Boss

If You Disagreed with Your Boss

 A beautiful bouquet of white or pink tulips will help you to say I'm sorry with flowers. It is an unpleasant situation, there is no doubt. Especially if you are firmly convinced of your rightness. But it is better to make the first way to reconciliation. But it is better not to present it personally. You may order courier delivery to the office.


3. There was a Quarrel with a Friend

There was a Quarrel with a Friend


You can give your friend a bouquet of colorful carnations. So you show that you regret the argument and appreciate your friendship. Florists may use greenery, hydrangeas, or unusual packaging as a complement to the composition.


4. If You had a Conflict with Your Daughter

If You had a Conflict with Your Daughter

 In such a situation, choose large, lush peonies as flowers, that means an apology. In the language of flowers, they will express your shame about the misunderstanding, and the ice between you will melt. The best way is to pick delicate pink, blue or white shades. You can supplement the bouquet with a beautiful card.


Bottom Line 

We advise buying flowers to apologize from a trusted retail shop. It is better if they are assembled directly in front of you. One simple word can change the fates of two people, at least. And a colorful, bright bouquet will help to remember the moment of reconciliation and remind you about the wonderful day for a long time.



How do I choose the right “I'm sorry” flowers?

Take into account the taste of your chosen one, for sure she once said what flowers she likes. You can also ask her friends. In the extreme case, rely on the taste of florists. They are usually not wrong.

How do you apologize for hurting someone?

Sincerity is essential in apologies, as in everything else. You must accept your mistake and speak from your heart. And a bouquet and chocolates would be a great addition.

What is the sweetest way to apologize?

The most classic, but always working way to apologize, is flowers. Try to keep emotions under control and do not say rash phrases to avoid losing contact and relationships with loved ones. Of course, it is not always possible, then come to the aid of flowers.

Can I give pink flowers as a sign of reconciliation?

Yes, of course. Because pink flowers are a hope for a bright future, you show the person you want to continue the relationship. You can also pay attention to the color yellow. They mean friendship.


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