If you want to give someone a bouquet, you will certainly want to wrap it in the best possible wrapping paper. We know how to do it right. All you need is patience and some free time.

First, you will need to buy beautiful wrapping paper, ribbon, and other essential details that we will tell you about. We hope you have already purchased a bouquet for your loved one with whom you plan to work.

In this article, we will tell you how to wrap a rose in tissue paper to make it look professional.


What do You Need for Wrapping Roses

wrapping paper

Before you start wrapping flower bouquets, you need to prepare specific tools and materials, such as:

  • Scissors;
  • Stapler;
  • Thick wrapping paper or kraft paper;
  • Paper napkins;
  • Transparent tape;
  • Ribbon.

Everything related to the material for wrapping flowers, you can find it in a flower shop, as well as on the shelves where they sell wrapping papers and ribbons. Choose the color of paper that suits you best, and carefully consider the roll size, so there is enough paper to wrap the bouquet.

And now, let's look at the very principle of how to wrap a bouquet. If you need to make a flower bouquet wrapping, you need to know that there are several ideas. We want to share one of them with you.


How to Wrap Long-Stem Roses Step by Step

After you have everything prepared, you can start wrapping the flowers. It will take time and patience, but the result is worth it. Measure everything carefully several times so that the size of the paper and cellophane is not small. Our tips will help you professionally arrange a bouquet. We have prepared step-by-step instructions for you, following which you will create a beautiful bouquet.

bouquet of roses

Step 1

Combine all roses on long stems into a bouquet. Just stack them side by side and line them up.


Step 2

Add gypsophila and greenery to your bouquet of roses. It will help to give the bouquet a luxurious and more expensive look.


Step 3

Cut off 1/3 inch from the bottom of the rose stems. Do it at an angle.


Step 4

Remove any large spikes from the stems of the flowers. It must be done in order not to tear the paper when wrapping roses in it.


Step 5

Wrap the stems of the rose bouquet tightly with a rubber band. Wrap the elastic around the stems a few times to keep them very tight.


Step 6

Fold several sheets of tissue paper in half, tilting the corners slightly. It will help them avoid touching when folding.


Step 7

Arrange the bouquet on top of the tissue paper with the flowers facing diagonally towards one corner. The elastic should be below the tissue paper. Make sure the flowers peek out from the top of the paper.


Step 8

Fold one end of the tissue paper over the rose bouquet.


Step 9

Fold the other edge up and over the first folded tissue paper. Secure it all with a paper clip from a piece of transparent tape.


Step 10

Measure a piece of cellophane to the length you need. It is necessary to wrap it around the bouquet several times.


Step 11

Lay the tissue paper-wrapped bouquet over the cellophane next to one short edge. Do this again at a slight angle to one corner. It is necessary so that the flowers protrude above the top edge of the cellophane. Leave stems wrapped.


Step 12

Fold the bouquet to the other short edge. Hold the cellophane in place, so it wraps around the bouquet several times.


Step 13

Secure the cellophane with tape or an elastic band covered with tape. Attach a bow on top.


Step 14

At this point, you can add a card or other decoration to the ribbon. It will make your gift cuter, and the recipient will be doubly pleased.


So, we have told you how to wrap long-stem roses in the paper. Below are some essential tips to keep your flowers looking fresh for as long as possible.


How to Keep Flowers Fresh for as Long as Possible

red roses

If you bought a bouquet in advance and want to give it to a loved one the next day, you are probably wondering how to keep it fresh for as long as possible. We have prepared some tips for it.


A tip

How to do it?

Always trim the stems before placing flowers in water

When you buy flowers, you should always trim the stems before placing them in a vase of water. After a couple of days, it is essential to cut the stems again. It allows fresh water to penetrate the flower stem. Don't forget to change the water every couple of days.

Remove part of the leaves

Before you put the flowers in a vase, you need to cut the stems and remove excess leaves. It is vital to do this with leaves at the base of the stems. Leaves should not be in the water. Otherwise, they will start to rot, which will cause bacteria in the water and an unpleasant smell.

Find the right size vase

Choosing the right flower vase is also an important rule. For example, if the opening is too narrow, the flower stems may be pressed too closely together. In this situation, removing the extra stems or finding another vase is worth it. However, the neck of the vase should not be too wide. Otherwise, your bouquet will not have any shape.

Remove dying flowers

From time to time, check the condition of the flowers in your bouquet and remove the darkened and withered petals. Such flowers become moldy and interfere with the health of the entire bouquet.

Bottom Line 

So, we told you how to wrap a bouquet of flowers like long-stem roses. Using our tips, you can wrap flowers like a pro. Also, we have shared with you some tips to prolong the bouquet's freshness. Listen to our recommendations so that your bouquet stays as long as possible.

If you need a bouquet of roses, you can buy them on our website. Our online rose shop offers a large selection of roses. All roses differ in color and purpose and are assigned to different categories. Go to our website and choose a beautiful bouquet of roses for your loved one.



How long can roses live without water?

If you leave roses out of the water, they can stand for about three days. The amount of time depends on how long ago the flowers were picked, the temperature and humidity of the room, and some other factors.

What do you wrap flowers in?

To wrap your flowers, use heavy wrapping paper or kraft paper if you have a delicate nature of the bouquet. If your flowers have strong stems and flowers, use a thin paper version like papyrus.

How do you prepare roses for arranging?

To prepare a bouquet for arranging, you can remove excess leaves, especially those close to the rose flowers. Some florists advise trying to turn the petals inside out. So, a bouquet of roses will take on an exciting look. However, please note that such a bouquet may stand for a shorter amount of time.

Does sugar help flowers last longer?

Sugar really does help prolong the freshness of the flowers in the vase. Add some sugar to your rose water, and your roses will last a few more days in a vase of water.


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