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What color is the most amazing, versatile, and mysterious? Lavender, of course. It has a special magnetism and force. And all because purple and lavender is the color of harmony and balance. It combines the calmness, chastity, and constancy of blue with red's passion wildness. And if you have a person who possesses all these qualities, then lavender rose bouquets will emphasize its originality.

No flower has yet been able to surpass the popularity of the rose. No wonder it was called the queen of the flowers. Even among the ancient Greeks, the bud of this flower was associated with infinity. But sometimes, it seems that giving a bouquet of roses is too predictable. Present pale lavender roses to your beloved and tell her that she is unique as this flower. She will be delighted with the depth of color, elegance, and exclusivity of such a composition. And most importantly, she will appreciate your taste. Our florists create amazing bouquets of lavender roses and bouquets in which this color is combined with pink and peach. Choose flowers that can convey your feelings, and we will collect and deliver it for you.

Several colors create an incredible lavender rose bouquet 

If you can find pink, white, and even light peach roses in every flower stall, then such a rare color as purple and lavender roses is extremely rare. You will always find purple roses with us. Florists will help you and create a unique bouquet or composition that will surely impress the recipient.

Which colors are purple roses combined with? You can turn on your fantasy and follow the call of your imagination. Indeed, sometimes several colors in one bouquet create incredible harmony.

  • Just imagine how delicate lavender rose flowers will look in combination with white and pink ones. Or you can even supplement these royal flowers with other representatives of the flora.
  • Yellow sunflowers and purple roses are incredibly bright combinations that will surely cheer you up and give a ray of light even on the gloomiest day. Collected in a beautiful bouquet by our florists, they will become the embodiment of joy, prosperity, and vitality.

Lavender rose bouquets are a great way to surprise someone you love and do it in style.

Lavender roses delivery to all 50 states in the USA

In our Rosaholics store, you can order lavender roses of incredible colors. To place an order, you need to select the bouquets you like, select the size of the bouquet and click the ADD to CART button. After that, our florists will cut the best roses on our farm for you and make a bouquet.

Our company cooperates with UPS delivery because bouquets arrive quickly and safely. Delivery is carried out within 3-4 days from the order date, but this company does not work on weekends, so the delivery time may change.


What are the best flowers for autumn bouquets?

The best flowers for any season are roses. Make a bouquet of fall roses in warm colors.

What colors of flowers to choose for an autumn bouquet?

You can use both warm and cold shades. Choose red, orange, yellow, peach colors. If you want to buy a bouquet in cold colors, choose purple, blue, pink flowers.

What elements can be added to autumn bouquets?

You can add autumn berries, sprigs of needles, and autumn leaves to your bouquet. It is important that the hue of the flowers matches the hue of your décor.

Is it possible to give autumn bouquets of roses to your beloved?

Yes, roses are always appropriate flowers that can be given at any time of the year. That is why the rose is called the queen of flowers.