The Rosaholics Difference

Don't you hate it when your flowers start drooping after just a few days? It's the worst! That's why we take a unique approach to fresh-cut flowers we don't cut 'em until you order. Every single bloom in your bouquet is clipped at peak quality immediately before heading to your doorstep. It's a simple strategy, but it's revolutionary in the floral industry.

  • Traditional Floral Services = flowers sit for days, going stale before they're selected.
  • Rosaholics = flowers are cut fresh the moment you order, then shipped straight to your door! 


A red tractor tilling soil inside a large greenhouse with roses

Passionate Family Farm with Exceptional Quality

With love from the Rosaholics greenhouses, where the best roses grow thanks to the abundance of natural sunlight and high altitudes, our award-winning farm is devoted to sustainable flower cultivation, making incredible contributions to environmental and wildlife recovery programs as well. Family-run, we're able to oversee every step of production, providing a service and product you can trust.

With over 20 years of experience (read about our journey here), the Rosaholics team is made up of experts in premium rose cultivation and delivery. In fact, our roses have been enjoyed by top flower enthusiasts worldwide (87 countries)! That includes many premier restaurants and hotels in Miami, Aspen, and beyond.

We love to share our gift of growing breathtaking roses, so we consider every order a top priority. Whether you're decorating for a wedding or simply sending a bouquet to a friend, we make sure that you get the healthiest, ripest blooms every single time you order. That goes for classic roses, exciting new varieties, and custom bouquets as well. 

A smiling woman tending to peach-colored roses in a farm

Fresh Roses, Fast Delivery 

Shipping straight from our farm, we deliver flowers super fast — that's one of the reasons our flowers last 3x longer than most bouquets.

We cringe at the thought of anyone settling for old flowers that’ve been sitting in a florist's fridge. Swap your stale floral routine for an exciting alternative that opens the door to premium, luxury flowers grown with care. Our farm-to-door delivery services takes a unique "you order, we cut them" approach that guarantees exceptional freshness. Which is why so many people rely on us as their top pick for sending flowers as a gift!

Our premium-quality roses are sourced directly from our own family-run farm that relies on floral farming expertise infused with genuine passion for providing the most dazzling roses imaginable. Our experienced team carefully tends to each harvested rose, showcasing top-notch dedication while demonstrating a commitment to sustainable practices. Eco-friendly rose farming is the only choice!

Get your fix of luxurious roses without even leaving your house. Roses are securely transported from the family-run farm straight to your doorstep so you can indulge in a stimulating bouquet of fresh roses — right in the comfort of home. 

Explore the possibilities by browsing our collections.

Sustainable Flower Farming

There’s no question about it — sustainability is an incredible priority for our team. After all, appreciating the immense beauty of nature is at the heart of our service. And how can you enjoy the delights of Mother Nature without evaluating your own impact on the planet?

We think it’s essential to consider how our rose delivery service impacts the environment. And that’s exactly why we make a point to harvest our roses responsibly, relying on eco-friendly practices and products every step of the way.

We make it easy to enjoy fresh roses harvested from an environmentally friendly, family-run farm.

How are we able to do this? Because our roses are sourced directly from our family-run farm, we are able to ensure the highest standards that we have set for ourselves. Unlike companies that use mass-production, we keep a close relationship with every member of our exceptional team, so we know that each rose is being harvested by caring hands.

Plus, smart swaps in our production practices allow us to cut down on waste. For example, eliminating the need for hydration sponges by shipping the flowers direct from farm to home delivers a much more sustainable process.

And to top it off, we are Rainforest Alliance Certified! So go ahead and indulge in your fresh bouquet of delivered roses, enjoying the confidence of choosing an eco-friendly option. Take a look at our newest bouquets today.