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For those who are tired of classic roses, why not give exotic roses? Exotic roses are a hot topic in the floral industry. They're more expensive than other roses because they're harder to produce, but the price is worth it for many consumers. Such flowers come in a wide and beautiful array of colors and shades, and people love them for their beauty and fragrance.

Roses look great decorating tables, rooms, and different sorts of events. 

It must be said that some varieties of exotic roses shown on the store websites do not exist in nature. There are different ways to achieve vivid and unusual colors, mainly by adding dyes to the stem of a rose while it is still growing. However, there are still roses in exotic colors that are natural due to the climate and environment.

By using our website, you can order and buy exotic flowers without leaving your house. We also offer exotic roses delivery to anywhere, so all you have to do is choose a rose, and we will deliver it straight to your doorstep! Check out the website and find your favourite color. 

Exotic roses we offer

Our company offers exquisite exotic roses appropriate for any occasion - you can give them as a birthday gift and surprise the recipient or present on V-day to your soulmate. 

We would like to draw your attention to these luxurious bouquets:


  • Rainbow roses

    The rainbow roses come in a spectrum of colors - red, blue, yellow, and green. When a rainbow rose is at its peak of bloom, its stem can be up to a meter long. Whether you're looking to add some extra color or simply want something unique and eye-catching, rainbow roses are definitely worth considering!


  • Black Rose

    They are incredibly rare, and many people believe they have dark powers. The petals are deep purple, almost black, and the stem is shiny and black.  Despite their dreary reputation, black roses are actually quite beautiful and exquisite. 


  • Dark blue rose

    Majestic and alluring, dark blue roses are the perfect addition to any arrangement. The color of some roses is close to blue in tone - they are:

    A notable fact is that they will not grow in any soil and require special care. They also have a long flowering period. Blue roses give off a very subtle, pleasant, and sweet fragrance.

     A real flower enthusiast will be able to find these rare, exotic roses at our shop! Come in and see us today to add some sophistication to your floral display. Our assortment will surprise you. 


    Are exotic roses expensive?

    Although exotic roses are a rare type of roses that require special care, we offer exotic roses for sale at reasonable prices, so anyone who wants to buy them can afford them. The price varies from 65 to 76 dollars.

    What other types of exotic roses exist?

    Other types of exotic roses include Viridiflora, Osiria, Grace, Pierre de Ronsard, Svir Juliet, Pur Caprice, and Tiger roses.