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Did you know that patriotism can be expressed with the help of flowers? This idea appeared in 2014. In Brazil, flowers, especially roses in the colors of the country's flag, began to gain popularity. Such national flags with flowers symbolizes unity and devotion to their country. The patriots liked this idea so much that it is trendy even now.

You can buy such roses as a symbol of support for your country:

  • For example, red roses mean fallen soldiers and victory in the war. 
  • And roses in the colors of world flags are a great freedom and courage sign. 

They can complement any public holiday. It includes Victory Day, Country Day, City Day, or Constitution Day. On such holidays, country bouquets add a unique atmosphere and colors. They stand out from the crowd and present you as a true loyalist to your country.

Ordering flowers of the world online is available with Rosaholics!

World Flags Inspiration

Creating flower bouquets in the flag's colors is a very recent idea. Previously, no one attached importance to this, and flowers had no place in patriotism. But inspiration from historical events and the history of the flag changed the situation for the better. And now patriotism is widespread even in floristry. 

Various events from the country and past create a desire to spread the flag of one's country. And doing it with a bouquet is one of the best options. After all, flowers add color thanks to their bright petals. And most of all, florists use roses for this. Besides carrying symbolism, they serve as a decorative element. Thus, patriotic flowers like roses are an inspiration not only for you but also for others.

Bouquets are widely used at political events, public holidays, and celebrations. Depending on the color of your country's flag, you select the shades of flowers. This further inspires others to take a step toward patriotism or to remember past political events.

What do We Offer?

Several popular suggestions for buying country roses are already available on the Rosaholics website. Rest assured that whichever bouquet you order will arrive on time and fresh and delight you with long-lasting freshness and fragrance.

We offer you a choice of patriotic flowers with delivery:

  • Bouquet in the color of the American flag. What American would refuse such a bouquet? Besides, it is not only interesting but also original!
  • The price range depends on the type of bouquet you choose. The highest price for a bouquet is $140.

We have bouquets that delicately combine colors from around the world. Just let us know what colors you need, and we will make fantastic national flags with flowers for you. Don't miss the opportunity to order country flowers online!

Order Flowers Online with Rosaholics

Does the idea of ​​country flags inspire you? Do you want to support your country or relatives from another country? Enjoy flower delivery from Rosaholics. Our flower shop will create national flags with flowers for you. You just need to take the following steps to order:

  • Choose the colors of the world flags so that we can pick the right flowers for you;
  • Decide on the number of flowers and the size of the bouquet;
  • Enter your address and verify it so that the information is accurate;
  • Track your order to know the approximate time of arrival;
  • Receive your order and enjoy the bouquet.

Our florists create all flower bouquets from natural fresh farm flowers. They have such a wide range of shades that we can create a bouquet of any flag color. You only need to clarify your wishes, and we will do everything according to them.


How many flowers should be in a world flag bouquet?

It can be either one flower or a large bouquet.

What is the meaning of a patriotic bouquet?

It symbolizes patriotism and respect for the traditions of one's country.

How do you get multicolored roses?

Multicolored roses are created artificially. Florists dip the stems of white roses in tinted water. As the rose absorbs the water, it dyes its petals in different colors.

What do you call roses with two colors?

These roses are called bi-color roses.

How many colors of roses are there?

There are at least 25 shades of roses in the world.