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Back in 2014, thanks to the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, country flowers, particularly roses painted in the color of the country's flag, began to gain popularity all over the world. Its popularity does not decrease even now.

You can buy such roses as a symbol of unity and support for your country! Country roses are also great decorations and additions on various holidays, such as city day, country day, victory day, etc. A bouquet of multicolored roses will be a brilliant alternative to a classical bouquet. Such flowers will be appreciated by any person. Moreover, they are quite unusual, so you will be able to stand out from the crowd with such a wonderful bouquet.

Delivery of bouquets of roses of the world is available with Rosaholics!

What do we offer?

Several popular suggestions for buying country roses are already available on the Rosaholics website. Rest assured that whichever bouquet you order will arrive on time and fresh and delight you with long-lasting freshness and fragrance.

We offer you a choice of patriotic-colored bouquets with delivery:

  • Bouquet of green-and-yellow roses, in honor of Brazil. 
  • Bouquet in the color of the American flag. What American would refuse such a bouquet? Besides, it is not only interesting but also original!
  • Bouquet with blue-yellow roses in honor of the Ukrainian flag. There are, probably, no people now who would not have heard about the situation in Ukraine at the moment. Support your friends and relatives by giving them an excellent bouquet in the Ukrainian style.

The price range depends on the type of bouquet you choose. The highest price for a bouquet is $146.

We have bouquets that delicately combine colors from around the world. Just let us know what colors you need and we will make a fantastic patriotic bouquet for you. Don't miss the opportunity to order country flowers online!


How do you get multicolored roses?

Multicolored roses are created artificially. Florists dip the stems of white roses in tinted water. As the rose absorbs the water, it dyes its petals in different colors.

What do you call roses with two colors?

These roses are called bi-color roses.

How many colors of roses are there?

There are at least 25 shades of roses in the world.