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Rosaholic's Sustainably Grown Roses

   In December of 2003, father and son Hernan and Juan Pablo founded a family-run rose farm in Cotopaxi, Ecuador. Sharing a true passion for this b...
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Rosaholic's Wildlife Conservation Plan

“We believe in the importance of education in the preservation and conservation of our wildlife. Before we can begin to bring about significant cha...
How To Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer

How To Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer

3 Easy Tips for a Great Vase Life 1. UNBOX YOUR FLOWERS Gently remove the bunch from the box and unwrap them. 2. CUT THE STEMS Trim the ...
Top 10 Reasons Why Flowers Are The Perfect Gift

Top 10 Reasons Why Flowers Are The Perfect Gift

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all of the possible gift options? It’s time for you to realize that the classic rose is the ideal gift for many diff...
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The Longest Roses in The World

Long stemmed roses, short stemmed roses, EXTRA long stemmed roses; how do we know the difference?

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The Meaning Of Pink Roses

Want to give pink roses to a special someone but don´t know the meaning?.....

Besides beautiful, pink roses are versatile...

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Life’s Greatest Treat

There is no such a thing as a perfect gift, but regardless of the occasion, flowers will surely brighten up someone’s day!

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The Blue Roses Everyone Was Waiting For

When it comes to roses, there is one color that people crave and that has become a thrill to give and receive: blue roses. 

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Have You Ever Seen A Black Rose?

Introducing Black Mamba—a distinct and delightful black rose from Ecuador.