Flower Quiz: What Rose Matches Your Personality Best?

Which rose are you? Discover the rose that represents you best by taking the personality quiz. ❓✨🌹
January 10, 2022 — Aimee WF

Interesting Facts About The Bridal Bouquet

Wedding flowers are an important element of any marriage. In the past, a bridal bouquet had a more superstitious meaning as in those days, people believed in the healing powers of plants and flowers and also used them in wedding ceremonies. 
December 27, 2021 — Alexandr Oleynik

7 Awesome Flowers that Bloom Only at Nighttime

The winter solstice (December 21st) marks the shortest day of the year and the onset of dark winter days – what better time to appreciate some of the most beautiful flowers that bloom at night? 🌙 From moonflower to evening primrose, there are many night-blooming flower varieties that flaunt exceptional beauty. #DYK
December 20, 2021 — Aimee WF

Christmas Decorations with Flowers

Create gorgeous Christmas decorations with fresh flowers. We have red and green roses, metallic gold roses, silver roses, evergreen sprigs, glittery blooms, and snowy white bouquets on display. Learn how to make your home cozy for the holidays with beautiful flower centerpieces, wreaths, and more. #christmas #flowers
December 03, 2021 — Aimee WF

Why Preserved Roses are the Best Gift

Best gift! 🎁 Lasting up to 2 years, Preserved Roses are perfect as an anniversary gift, wedding gift, romantic gift, or last-minute gift. These long-lasting roses are a symbol of eternal love, a breathtaking arrangement of 4 or 9 perfect blooms aligned in an acrylic display case. Get next-day delivery! 🌹 ✈️ 🎀
November 23, 2021 — Aimee WF

How to dеcorate your home with Thanksgiving flоwers

The most classic way to decorate your home with flowers on each holiday is just to put a simple bouquet in a vase. It is the most traditional and a win-win option out of all. But sometimes, it is an urge to try out new things and ways. And a lot of people search for some special decorations for the Thanksgiving table.
November 22, 2021 — Alexandr Oleynik
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Complete Guide to Funeral Flowers

Sending funeral flowers can show support and care. But not all flower types are appropriate! This is the ultimate guide to sending sympathy flowers -- find out which flowers to send, where to send them to, and what to say in your card. #funeralflowers #sympathy #condolences #etiquette #sendflowers #flowerdelivery
November 17, 2021 — Alexandr Oleynik

Definitive Guide to Rose Color Meaning

Every rose color has symbolic meaning. Red roses = passion, yellow roses = friendship, etc. Send the right color of roses for your next gift! This definitive guide breaks down all the different color meanings of roses and provides great suggestions for sending fresh flowers as a gift.

Flowers for Halloween Costumes, Parties and Décor

Halloween costumes with fresh flowers? We've got you! Black roses, gold roses, red roses, and more  Rosaholics has farm-fresh flowers for delivery to make your Halloween party the best ever. Need something more sophisticated? We've got the perfect blooms for upscale Halloween table décor, too! Dive in  if you dare! 🎃💀🌹

How To Make Black Roses

The black rose has a special place in the world of flowers. And yet, until recently, the black rose was nothing more than a myth. With the advent of the primitive technology of dyeing scarlet roses, the world saw the first "real" black roses. Unfortunately, due to the aggressiveness of the coloring compositions, such bouquets could not boast of stability, but they looked very impressive at the time of delivery.
September 29, 2021 — Alexandr Oleynik

Flowers For The Wedding In Autumn

Many brides think that the seasons of beautiful wedding bouquets are summer and spring. However, in the fall, the choice of colors is no less rich.

The color palette of autumn is vibrant, so there will be no problems with choosing the color that suits you. All shades of yellow, red, orange will perfectly fit into a fall wedding.

September 27, 2021 — Alexandr Oleynik

Best Wedding Flowers for Bridal Showers

Need wedding flowers for a bridal shower? We’ve got you covered! Whether you’re the bride-to-be or maid of honor, planning the wedding shower should be fun – not stressful. Check out our ideas for the best wedding flowers for brides, bridal showers, and pre-wedding events! #weddingdecor #bridalshower #flowers #roses