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Roses are a symbol of love and tenderness. But when their petals are colored green, they acquire unique charm and mystery. And although green roses appeared on the flower market relatively recently, they have already managed to win customers' hearts.

The green shade traditionally means cheerfulness, freshness, and calmness. Green petals are the color of nature, which carries harmony and balance. They can be an excellent gift for your friends. Or it can be a sign of concern for your loved one.

We offer a wide selection of green roses bouquets and their sizes. You can choose any shade of them or combine these flowers with other colors. They will create an atmosphere of freshness and beauty in any room. After all, their unique shade emphasizes itself and attracts all eyes around. So, why not please your loved ones or acquaintances with green roses delivery?

Send Green Roses Bouquet

Green roses are exclusive flowers that you can send to anyone who appreciates beauty. But to whom exactly to send them? Keep a few ideas in mind:

Do you want to show your friends how important they are to you? Green flowers are exactly what you need in such a case.

  • Colleague or business partner

Such roses are a great way to express gratitude to someone for their cooperation. They are a symbol of respect.

Send green roses to your partner to show them how much you love them. These flowers are different from ordinary roses, so they will be a symbol of your unique feelings.

Choose and buy green roses right now. Let them become a special gift for the person to whom you give them. They will clearly emphasize your feelings and become a unique symbol of your attention.

Order Green Roses with Nationwide Delivery

Your close people are far from you, but do you want to organize a surprise for them? Nationwide green roses delivery from us will help you with it. Rosaholics give you a unique opportunity to send flowers to any state of the country. How to arrange delivery? Everything is so easy:

  • Visit our website

The collection of our green roses has a large assortment. Thus, first, you should choose the bouquet you like the most.

  • Enter the details

If you wish to personalize your order, this is your next step. Specify your preferences for packaging, postcards, and so on. You can even choose a specific delivery date to ensure your green roses arrive at the perfect time.

  • Enter the address

Next, you need to write the delivery address and its details accurately.

When you order green roses, our delivery service sends them to your address. The main thing is to be patient to wait for your incredible flowers.

Buy Green Roses for Special Occasion

Celebrating certain events is what fills our life with brightness. But making these events more memorable is impossible without green roses bouquets. Don't know what occasions to choose them for? Read the following ideas:

Just imagine how a bouquet of green roses will stand out beautifully in the tender wedding atmosphere.

Want to make your gift stand out for someone's birthday? Buy green roses. The birthday person will remember them for a long time.

If your friends have achieved something significant, green roses can express your congratulations. 

So, if you want to make someone's day unforgettable, green roses are what you need. Let their beauty enchant your closest people.


Who is it better to give green roses to?

Green roses can be given to anyone who would like them. They are a sign of attention, respect, and a warm attitude. However, if you give such roses to a girl, it can be interpreted that you are jealous of her.

What do green flowers mean?

The green hue traditionally means calmness, harmony, and stability: it is the true color of nature. Also, green roses mean a good attitude towards a person and possibly further partnership.

Is it possible to give green roses for breaking up?

Green roses can be given in case of jealousy; if you want to show that someone has offended you somehow, give them green roses.