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Who said that flowers are only for romantic affairs? Indeed, lovely flowers are a great present for your best friend or relative on their birthday or at various events! An adorable bouquet can be served as a decoration at celebrations and also given as a gesture of appreciation or respect. 

Moreover, gifting your friends with flowers also has its rules, considering the number of flowers, their kinds, and color. For instance, if you want to send a bouquet to your bestie on her Sweet 16, consider some rules, but if we’re talking about commencement, other rules can be applied.

Presenting a lovely bouquet of roses is a soft gesture showing that you care and appreciate the person. Moreover, to do this, you don’t have to wait for some special occasion or holiday. You can simply buy a lovely bouquet to make your bestie’s day seem brighter. Rosaholics is here to offer you fantastic ideas for your friend’s present!

Ideas for Best Friend’s Day

One of the greatest occasions, apart from birthdays, is Best Friend’s Day on the 8th of June! You don’t necessarily have to wait that long, but in case you wondered if there’s a special day dedicated to friendship, there you go.  There are a lot of ideas for unique and creative flower gifts to make your bestie smile. For instance:

  • Flower wreath
  • Resin petals
  • Bosom jewelry

Flower bouquets can also be an excellent choice for a present. A merry bouquet of “Just Smiles Roses” will be a great option. Or you can pick up “Cherry Pie” roses if your friend likes red.

Anyway, flowers are magical, as they can serve as the main gift or an accompaniment. Besides, gifting flowers is an easy way to make your best friend feel happy and make their day brighter. If you want to find an unusual bouquet, visit our store!


What flower symbolizes loyalty?

Traditionally, bluebells are regarded as flowers that symbolize loyalty and trust. Also, if you want to show trust, you can give white roses.

Which color flower is for friendship?

Yellow represents friendship, but people also choose white, blue, or purple flowers. They look especially good combined.

Is it OK to give a female friend flowers?

Of course, it is. Though there is a so-called “floral language”, it is not an undeniable doctrine. So, even if you give your female friend a bouquet of red roses, they won’t mean anything unless you make them so.

Which plants mean friendship?

In different cultures, different flowers are considered to represent friendship. For example, in Western countries, friendship is symbolized by yellow roses. Also, Lilies, Carnations, and Chrysanthemums would be a fantastic choice for a friend.