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Did you know that different flowers can mean a lot more than we might have guessed?

For instance, pink roses symbolize affection and admiration. The pink color is associated with romance, tenderness, and grace.

In Western culture, the pink color is seen as a symbolic representation of femininity. The color has been historically associated with young girls, due to its association with the flower known as a "rosebud."

Despite the thorny thorns, their beauty and perfection attract the glances of people, arousing admiration and the smile of charming ladies. However, if you look a little deeper, you can figure out what these elegant flowers symbolize.

Why Do Men Buy Pink Roses?

Do ladies wonder what pink roses mean? To begin with, it is worth noting that such an adorable flower is often purchased by men, trying to express their sincere feelings.

For a young couple, a pink rose symbolizes the “born” of romantic feelings, sincere feelings, pure love, and devotion. A man with serious intentions will undoubtedly choose pink roses for her. Pink roses harmonize with red, burgundy, blue, or yellow and black roses.

What Do Pink Roses Say? 

There are several hues of pink. 

  • Dark pink, almost cherry roses symbolize gratitude to a relative, friend, and loved one.
  • Light roses are given for beloved ones - they mean affection or sympathy, admiration. They emphasize youth, freshness, beauty, and tenderness.

Our Rosaholics store has a wide range of roses of all shades. Gorgeous pink roses are a great option to please your soulmate. You can buy pink roses online: visit our website and choose the most beautiful pink roses, and our florists will help you with this.

What are the Most Popular Flower Arrangements?

Now, we want to tell you a little about the most popular pink flower arrangements that are presented and available for buying in our shop:

  • Forever Roses(exclusive)”: Looking for the perfect bouquet for a date with a girl? Then this bouquet is definitely for you, because not a single girl can resist it!
  • Cheshyre”: Delicate shades of pink, purple and cream are all harmoniously combined in this bouquet that will enchant anyone with its sophistication.
  • Say Yes”: Can't choose the perfect bouquet to propose to a girl? She will not be able to say “no” to you. Just give her this wonderful bouquet!
  • Chachacha”: This chic bouquet of cream and lavender roses will enchant you!
  • “Vogue Roses”: Roses of such a noble shade will conquer the heart of any girl!
  • Mamma mia”: Cream roses are always a win-win option as a gift for a girl because they emphasize the beauty and tenderness of the girl to whom you give flowers.

How Much Will My Order Cost?

In our store, you can buy a bouquet of the most beautiful and fresh roses at a very affordable price. The price for such bouquets in the "pink roses" section varies from 55 to 70 dollars.


What does it mean if a guy gave pink roses?

Roses can be given without an obvious love subtext. For example, birthdays. And, talking about love affairs, it is a symbol of tenderness, sweet thoughts, and romantic dreams. When a man gives pink roses, he expresses gratitude, loyalty.

What do pale pink roses mean?

Roses of light hues are also given to friends, relatives, acquaintances, as they symbolize friendship and loyalty.

Can I give pink roses when breaking up?

When you're breaking up with someone, it is better to present with yellow roses. They symbolize separation and sorrow.