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Enigmatic dark blue roses magnetize people with their color. Since blue roses are quite new to people, there are no legends or special meanings. A lot of people connect them with space and supernatural powers and with the impenetrable depths of the sea and marvelous marine creatures. In the end, for each person, these plants have special meaning. 

What if you give dark blue roses as a gift? On what occasion to give? We have compiled a list of situations when it is appropriate to present a bouquet of blue roses.

Our store sells exclusive dark blue roses with the most pleasant aroma that will fill your home with freshness. Here you can pick up blue roses for a gift and order delivery.

When to Give Blue Roses?

Sky-blue buds can personify mystery, fantasy, and striving for a goal at any cost. These are complex and conflicting meanings. They make blue roses a welcome gift for the following reasons:

  • Dark blue roses perfectly complement the congratulations of newlyweds at a wedding in blue tones. We would like to recommend Blue Lagoon Bouquet for this purpose. The price of this bouquet is 88 dollars. We can also offer you delivery of our flowers.

  • You can give blue roses at the very beginning of relationships when you are starting to get to know each other, and she is magnetic, gorgeous, and mysterious. Our bouquet “Chelsea Roses” will tell her “you are special”. 

  • If a person experiences significant life changes, for example, preparing to move, get a new position, or graduate from a university. With the help of our bouquet “Blue Bay”, you will wish success and plan realization.

  • Present a bouquet of dark blue roses to a young mother who delivered a son. Giving a bouquet of light blue roses shows your respect for this person.

  • If you are choosing a gift for a man - a colleague, business partner, or relative - order the design of bright blue buds with the dark ones. For example, a bouquet “Black & Blue” is a good present.

As you can see, there are many reasons to give dark blue roses. But the main thing is the desire to surprise the recipient. Do not be afraid to delight your loved ones with unusual flowers. The dark blue roses are perfect variants for creative and non-standard gifts.

We offer a large selection of freshly cut dark blue roses. They come in different shapes and sizes. Here, you will find many ideas for compositions. Go to our website in the section with dark blue roses in the section "By color". Our florists will put together the perfect bouquet for you with the brightest blue buds.


Can you give blue roses for a birthday?

Yes, it is possible to give blue roses for birthdays. If you want to say “you are special to me”, these roses are the best choice.

What does the Blue Rose gift mean?

Blue roses are a symbol of something unattainable and beautiful. They represent striving for the ideal, achieving the set goal, dream and delight. In some cultures around the world, the blue rose is considered a symbol of royal blood.

Are blue roses expensive?

In our store, prices for bouquets of blue roses range from $65 to $80. But this price fully justifies the quality of the bouquets.