Not sure how to take care of your flowers? Don’t worry! You don’t need a green thumb to make Rosaholics flowers live a long life! Follow our easy tips, and you’ll be on your way to longer-lasting flowers that continue to impress. Check out our video tutorial – it’s beginner-friendly!

Since we ship our flowers straight from our farm, we know that they’ll arrive in pristine condition. They may be a little thirsty – and remember, that’s completely normal – but once you get them refreshed with clean water, they’ll look amazing.

Caring for your roses correctly can ensure a super long vase life. Need a breakdown of these flower care tips? Here’s a guide:

Tools for flowers care: scissors, waste bin, clean water, a vase

1. Gather your tools. You’ll need a pair of scissors (or sharp knife), waste bin, clean water, and a vase.


long box for flowers
2. Open the box and carefully remove the bunch, leaving the cardboard on. We put an incredible amount of care into packing your roses so that they make the trip safe and sound. Open the box and take out the protective cardboard sleeve holding the flowers. Each bunch is carefully secured within a sleeve so that there’s no jostling or bumping around, which could cause petal bruising.


2 packed bouquets

3. Trim the stems about 1/2 inch from the bottom at a 45-degree angle, and hydrate for 20 minutes. When your flowers first arrive, it’s important to get them hydrated as soon as possible, so you can leave the cardboard on for this part. It’s natural for stems to begin to harden as a defense from being cut away from the rosebush. Trimming the stems immediately revitalizes the flower’s ability to draw in water, which will help preserve the visual freshness of each bloom.

2 packed bouquets in the water

    Water is essential for roses to keep their petals looking luscious and strong, and trimming at an angle can help them absorb water faster. It’s completely natural for roses to lose some of their moisture during transit, so don’t worry if your flowers aren’t quite ready for photos when they first arrive! Thirsty flowers can regain their form with a little quality hydration.


    person unpacking red roses bouquets

    4. Carefully remove the cardboard. Woo-hoo! Finally, a glimpse of the beautiful blooms! But we’re not done yet…


    Person removing damaged petals

    5. Remove damaged petals. Guard petals protect the rose and may be bruised. In rare occasions, tiny brown spots (botrytis) may be present on exterior petals. For longer-lasting roses, pluck off bruised or damaged petals to reveal a perfect, healthy bloom.


    person adding to vase nutrients for a bouquet

    6. Fill the vase with fresh water, and add nutrients. We can’t stress this part enough – clear, fresh water is absolutely essential for fresh roses to live a long life. In addition to providing fresh water with flower food from the get-go, it’s best to change the water every 2-3 days to prolong the life of your roses.


    freshly trimmed roses stems

    7. Double-check to make sure all stems are freshly trimmed, and remove any low-hanging leaves that may come into contact with the vase water. Almost there!


    Arranging red roses bouquet

    8. Arrange your masterpiece. Here’s where the magic happens! Get inspiration from our social media pages for making beautiful floral arrangements with your own personal touch.


    A man is holding a bouquet of red roses


      • Keep your bouquet at cool room temperature and out of direct sunlight.
      • Change the water frequently – every 2 days is best!
      • Never grab flowers by the petals when arranging your bouquet. Instead, gently grab flowers by the stem, which is more supportive.


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