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Since ancient times, the mysterious, beautiful rose flower has been considered the best gift. Red roses bouquet is the most popular color of this plant. A large red roses bouquet should be presented for major holidays. 

A bouquet with red roses can make an impression on a woman, especially if there is no special reason for such a gift. Women prefer long-stemmed roses. Ana also, you can show your appreciation to a man by sending him a small, rounded rose bouquet. You will find an amazing variety of red rose bouquets in our store. You will find both classic red colors and unusual roses with the addition of other colors. The price for such a composition will depend on the type of plant and the number of flowers.

Fresh fragrant bouquet from Rosaholics best place to buy red roses. It is also customary to give bouquet compositions of 

Red roses bouquet as a symbol of love

In medieval Europe, it was not customary to talk about high feelings. Instead, loved ones were given red roses. This tradition has survived to this day. Only now lovers can count on the professional support of florists.

 The red bouquet is considered a royal gift, a very significant gesture from a man. If the relationship in a couple is just beginning, then give red roses. They will talk about the beginning of real feelings and emotions. When a man and a woman have been in a relationship for more than one year, or maybe a dozen years, then beautiful red roses will tell about trust, admiration, love that does not fade away.

Fresh roses only!

In our store, florists collect fall bouquets only from fresh roses that are grown on our farm. To place an order in our store, you just need to:

- select the bouquets you like;

- then select the size of the bouquet;

- and add them to the cart. 

After placing an order, our florists will collect the bouquet you like, and the UPS delivery service will deliver the flowers within 3-4 days. All bouquets are carefully packaged, so they will be delivered safe and sound.


What does red rose mean?

Since ancient times, the red rose has symbolized love. Red roses also signify passion, devotion, and adoration.

What does it mean when a man gives red roses?

If a man gives roses of this color, he perceives the girl as an object of lust and passion. Psychologists recommend putting ruby-colored flower arrangements in the bedroom to enhance eroticism and sensuality in a couple.

Who is given dark red roses?

They signify the greatness, respect, and authority of the recipient. They can be presented not only to your beloved but also to your mother or idol, including a man.