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If it is difficult to say “sorry” in words, it is better to give something pleasant and warm to the soul to calm down the pain. Expensive gifts for an apology are not suitable because the person will think that you just want to buy off your guilt. But “I'm sorry” flowers are the very thing to express sincere apologies. You can choose and buy flowers in our store in the category “I’m sorry”.

An apology with flowers has been practiced for decades - this is already a kind of tradition. The person who receives “I'm sorry flowers” immediately understands why they were presented and makes the right conclusions. There are some tips you can follow for a perfect bouquet for reconciliation. 

Consider these points to make a bouquet even better: 

  • consist only of fresh flowers (no plastic);
  • contain greens (fern leaves, twigs, herbs);
  • have from 3 to 7 large buds;
  • make them presentable and attractive.

What are the best “I am sorry” flowers?

To apologize to a person, you can present almost any flowers. Roses are classic flowers for reconciliation.

  • Red and burgundy roses - a symbol of love, fidelity, and devotion, suitable for an apology to your girlfriend; “Classic Red Roses” will suit the case.
  • Yellow or white roses - the best “I am sorry” flowers. These are a symbol of family well-being and stability. They can also express sorrow and are suitable for an apology to your wife, sister, or mother. We can offer you a bouquet of bright yellow roses with a sunflower “Golden Sun”. Such a bouquet will definitely cheer up the person you offended.
  • Pink and cream roses are a symbol of gratitude and respect. “Cielito Lindo” is a pale and delicate bloom of pink roses.

There are some ideas:

  • Dolce Amore Roses”: a combination of red and white roses will definitely please the recipient, as this bouquet tells how the recipient is important, without words.
  • Cinnamon”: this colorful bouquet of multicolored roses in orange, pink, and blue shades will bring a sincere smile to the face of the person you offended, and they will definitely be able to forgive you.
  • Just Smiles”: White, soft pink, and blue roses look great and blend perfectly with each other in this bouquet.
  • Love You Forever”: this charming bouquet consists of a sunflower, lilies, and roses. This vivid mixture will make any person happy; the aroma will simply fill the house with freshness.
  • Love is a Place”: Sometimes it's hard to convey emotions in words, so let this bouquet say everything instead of you!

Flowers for saying sorry can be given in person or by delivery. By the way, in our store, you can buy a bouquet and order delivery to a special someone. It can be supplemented with a card with warm words to make clear who sent this beauty.


    What color are the flowers for reconciliation?

    Burgundy roses are a sign of your tender, sincere feelings and hope for forgiveness. A bouquet of orange roses will also bring positive emotions. They will make a person smile - and this is the first step towards your reconciliation!

    What flowers are a symbol of reconciliation?

    Most often, roses are given for reconciliation. These flowers are the best to express the feelings and importance of ties.

    How do I choose the right “I'm sorry” flowers?

    You need to choose flowers for an apology carefully. For flowers to last long, they must be fresh: - leaves should be vigorous, green, and juicy; - the buds should be half-closed and dense; - the flower’s odor should be natural.