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A round date is a great occasion to please the hero of the occasion with a beautiful bouquet. But you shouldn't choose the first composition you come across. As there is floral etiquette. And everything from the color and variety of flowers to their number has its own meaning. Before giving a particular floral arrangement, you should find out how old the person is. The color of the bouquet depends on the age: 

  • It will be appropriate to give delicate roses of pastel shades to 20-year-old girls. They can be decorated in a light modern wrapper of delicate shades. This will emphasize the youth and beauty of the person being gifted;
  • Tulips as a symbol of love or gerberas as a hint of sympathy will be appropriate for the 25th anniversary;
  • A bouquet of pink roses will be a pleasant gift for 30-year-olds. It personifies both tenderness and grandeur;
  • On the day of the 40th anniversary, white roses, dahlias, or gladioli will be appropriate for a woman. They emphasize that she is crossing the threshold of adulthood;
  • On the 50th anniversary, buy anniversary flowers in deep purple or burgundy shades. For example, it can be peonies, chrysanthemums, and roses. The same rule works for the next anniversaries. 

The tradition of presenting exactly as many flowers as the birthday person is old. In this case, any lush composition will do for the occasion. Also, be sure to consider the taste preferences of the birthday person.


Anniversary Flowers Delivery

You can choose the perfect arrangement with a wide variety of blooms available. So it suits your partner's preferences and captures the essence of your relationship.

Consider adding a personalized note. Or you can select a bouquet that includes your loved one's favorite flowers. It will make the gesture even more meaningful.

Anniversary bouquets can be delivered directly to your partner's doorstep. So it creates a beautiful surprise that will leave a lasting impression. Whether near or far, sending anniversary flowers is a thoughtful way to express your affection and make your loved one feel cherished on this special occasion.


Wedding Anniversary Flowers

Although it is customary to give flowers only to women, a bouquet on a wedding day can be presented to the wife and the husband on this solemn day since this is their common holiday. When choosing, consider the preference of the jubilees and the symbolism of this celebration.

You can buy the following anniversary flowers as a classic option for a wedding anniversary:

  • roses;
  • lilies;
  • chrysanthemums;
  • peonies;
  • tulips.

For the 5th year of marriage, it is better to give tulips, chrysanthemums, or carnations. You can creatively play with this number - give flowers in the amount of 5 or order an inscription on wrapping paper. In the anniversary tradition, give a houseplant in a wooden pot.

Present red or pink peonies in a basket for a tin wedding, with or without packaging. A bouquet of 11 roses looks creative and symbolic, ten bright and one white, symbolizing hope for the future. 

White orchids, lilies, carnations, or anthuriums will perfectly decorate the silver wedding day. Use silver ribbons and sequins for decoration if you order an anniversary delivery of flowers

Considering that the 50th anniversary symbolizes the strength of the relationship, give your spouse flowers on a tall and strong stem or indoor plants.


Buy Anniversary Flowers with Rosaholics

When buying anniversary flowers, Rosaholics is the face you can trust. With our impeccable selection of premium blooms and meticulous attention to detail, we ensure a memorable celebration. From stunning roses to exquisite mixed bouquets, let Rosaholics be your go-to destination for anniversary flowers that speak volumes of love and romance. So do not hesitate to contact us to order anniversary flowers online.



Are roses appropriate to send for an anniversary?

Yes, roses are highly appropriate to send for an anniversary as they symbolize love and romance.

Are flowers enough for an anniversary?

As a rule, flowers are an additional gift with one more. But it depends on your partner’s preferences and other factors.

How long will the anniversary bouquet last?

Generally, properly cared-for bouquets can last anywhere from several days to a couple of weeks.

Can I customize the anniversary bouquet to include specific flowers or colors?

Yes, many florists offer the option to customize your anniversary bouquet. You can often choose specific flowers, and colors, and even add personal touches.