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Are you looking for a unique gift to give your significant other this anniversary? Why not consider sending them a rose bouquet? Roses represent love and appreciation, making them the perfect choice for an anniversary gift. Choose from a variety of colors to perfectly match your partner's personality. 

To pick up and order an unusual, original anniversary rose bouquet, you shouldn't wait for the 10th, 25th, or 45th wedding or birthday anniversary. After all, every year, a married couple looks back on the birth of their family.

Traditionally, men buy the same color roses they gave on the first date or when they proposed. 

Happy Anniversary Roses to Husband

Contrary to the prevailing stereotypes, modern flower arrangements are an excellent gift for males. If you know your spouse's preferences, you can find an arrangement on your own. But if you’re not sure, florists can always assist you. Professional florists consider the following points when recommending rose bouquets: 

  • Any masculine bouquet should combine large buds.
  • For packaging, you should choose a material that is a little rough. Eliminate mica and felt, and go for jute, faux mesh, or natural fiber.
  • Select the color of buds in the anniversary bouquet carefully. Burgundy, gold, red, or blue will do. Emphasize bright colors.

Happy Anniversary Roses to Wife

The color spectrum is vast. If your wife loves classic variants of the bouquets, red, white, and pink roses are suitable. However, your choice is not limited, and you can combine roses with other flowers - it is up to you.

Similar to males, there are some recommendations on what roses to choose:

  • Know in advance what flowers she prefers. 
  • Give roses without packaging, so they will look more beautiful and natural.

Of course, you can choose the color of the anniversary bouquet individually. 

The basic colors of roses - how to choose flowers by the meaning   

  • White blooms symbolize fidelity and pure love.
  • Red flowers represent love and passion. 
  • Green buds mean harmony and stability. However, they symbolize jealousy as well.
  • Orange plants symbolize good gratitude and respect.
  • Purple flowers are interpreted differently; some consider them flowers of balance, others elegance.
  • Yellow plants represent joy and warmth. Like green roses, they have a negative meaning as well - they can symbolize sorrow and grief and can be given when breaking up with someone. 
  • The blue roses can represent fantasy and purposefulness. These are complex and conflicting meanings.

Rosaholics would like to help you choose a pleasant and admirable gift on this special day and find a fabulous bouquet for every taste. We have only the freshest flowers which are growing on our eco-friendly farm. 


How many roses are typically given on a wedding anniversary?

It is better to opt for a medium-sized bouquet, from 10 to 25 flowers. Such a bouquet will bring joy and emphasize the importance of this day.

What flowers are best for an anniversary and why?

Roses are the best flowers for an anniversary. The rose is a beautiful and perfect flower that does not have a strong smell and will appeal to anyone.