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A flower bouquet is a universal gift for any celebration. Today, neither an anniversary, nor a wedding, nor a celebration of the birth of a baby can do without flowers. However, for each specific occasion, it is important to choose the right flower arrangement because, for example, a bouquet for a boss and flowers for a romantic date will be absolutely different from each other, and this should certainly be taken into account when choosing a gift. But surprisingly, in all cases, the most popular flowers to buy are roses.

Indeed, the rose is a flower worthy of a queen herself, and yet it is versatile. Depending on the color, they can carry various messages. Rosaholics is up here to show you some of the best-selling flowers from our shop and the arrangements we offer. Among our top selling flowers, you can find roses of all possible colors; there are also stunning ‘Sunflowers’ bouquets. But of course, roses are the top flowers in our shop. Moreover, there’s hardly any other flower in the world that has so many legends and myths about itself as the rose does. 

You can visit our site to find bouquets for many occasions. Rosaholics sells only top quality flowers, so you may be sure that the bouquet will last long and please you with their beauty.


What is the most popular flower?

A rose is regarded to be the most popular flower in the world due to its beauty and the long tradition of gifting roses. Moreover, these flowers are quite versatile, so you can give them to your friend or loved one. Just mind the color.

What is a woman's favourite flower?

It is a matter of taste. But, of course, most women prefer roses as a tribute to tradition.

What flower are considered unique?

It really depends on what you imply by ‘unique’. But a lot of people define The Corpse Flower (Rafflesia arnoldii), Snake's Head (Fritillaria meleagris), and Pitcher plant (Nepenthes spectabilis X ventricosa) as the most unique flowers in the world.