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If you have pets, think about them before placing your favorite bouquet in a vase. The fact is that pets are very restless. And they have a curiosity about plants and flowers at home. You only need to be distracted for 5 minutes as your pet is already gnawing your bouquet. It can not be a problem for you, but it has bad consequences for pets. After all, some of the flowers are toxic to dogs and cats, which is harmful to them.

So, choose pet-friendly flowers. And one of these options is roses. Nothing terrible will happen if your cat or dog eats rose petals.

For us, flowers do not harm. But the excessive cleverness of pets to eat buds from a bouquet can be fatal for them. So take care of the safety of your furry friends and pick the right flowers. And which of them is the best? Let's analyze this in detail.


Roses are Safe for Pets

All roses are non-toxic to pets. So, they are a good choice of flowers that are cat and dog safe. Roses in bouquets, pots, or rose bushes do not harm pets at all. But there is one exception. The fact is that they have thorns that are not always visible. And when a cat or dog is curious about these flowers, they can hurt themselves with the thorns. So, to protect your pet from such cases, remove the thorns from roses before placing them in a vase. 

Pick any type and color of roses for the atmosphere of your home. Here you can find pet-friendly flowers in an original design with fast flower delivery. These roses will provide you with not only beauty and pleasant feelings but also an incredible aroma and safety for pets. Even if your furry friend eats this flower, it will not harm them.


Why Choosing Pet-Friendly Flowers is Important?

Because most popular flowers have toxic substances. They can cause irritation and discomfort in pets. And some are even capable of causing death when ingested. Eating any part of these flowers can cause severe digestive and health problems. Even if pets do not eat such plants, they can still cause an allergic reaction after contact with this plant. So, study the floral arrangements before bringing them home. 


Order Fresh Flowers Delivery from Rosaholics

To ensure the safety of your cats and dogs, it is important to choose pet-friendly flowers. And you can order them as follows:

  • Choose the number of flowers that will be enough for you.
  • Enter your address and double-check that everything is correct.
  • Track the shipment and wait for them to be received.
  • Enjoy the stunning view of these flowers.

Flowers delivery will take you no more than 5 minutes. You can select flowers of any color and size. Each type of our roses is absolutely not toxic. Thus, do not delay and pick the roses you like the most.



Are dried flowers toxic to pets?

Some dried flowers retain hazardous substances even after drying. The following are considered safe for our small friends: Asters, Celosia, Orchids, Roses, Sunflowers, Zinnias

What flowers are best with dogs?

You can choose beautiful dog-safe bouquets on our website. Consider flowers without thorns that do not contain toxic substances. Such flowers as roses, asters, sunflowers, elaeagnus, alstroemerias, impatiens, and calendula are safe for dogs.

What vase flowers are safe for cats?

Plants and animals can be friends. Safe for cats are roses, alstroemeria, wax flowers, sunflowers, orchids. Try to make sure that your pet does not eat them. It is not dangerous, but it can cause indigestion.

Are bouquets poisonous to cats?

The acid contained in the leaves can cause burns to the mucous membrane and damage the respiratory system. Therefore, you should carefully choose flowers if you have pets. Dangerous for animals are: Dieffenbachia, Devil's ivy, Hydrangea, Christmas rose, Philodendron, Caladium, Azalea, Spurge.