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Pet owners know that their animals rarely remain indifferent to the plants in the house. They often strive to taste the leaves or buds. Flowers, as a rule, are fragrant, and the sense of smell is well developed in fluffy friends. What does it take for a cat to jump on a table? Several seconds. Some animals begin to chew petals and even stems. If we are talking about bulbous plants, they will definitely be poisonous to our small friends. But today, there we will talk about pet-safe flowers: even if a cat chews rose petals, nothing bad will happen.

When trusting instinct or irrepressible curiosity, pets do not even suspect what it could turn out to be. Protection of animals from plants consists of the complete exclusion of potentially dangerous representatives of the flora. So, let’s see dog and cat safe flowers and plants.

Roses are Safe for Pets

All varieties of roses are considered flowers safe for cats and dogs. Small indoor roses in a pot or a rose bush in the country house are excellent and fragrant decorations that will delight the eye. However, anyone can prick themselves on thorns, and a cat is no exception. Animals are smart and careful, but anything can happen. Unfortunately, they are often injured by sharp spikes. And sometimes, they even swallow them. If fearing for your pet's health - remove the thorns in advance before putting the roses in a vase, just in case.

Choose from different varieties of roses or sunflowers that will decorate your home. You can find pet-friendly flowers in a beautiful wrapper that is absolutely safe for animals in our selection. They will give you not only a pleasant aroma and a magical mood but will not harm your pets.


Are dried flowers toxic to pets?

Some dried flowers retain hazardous substances even after drying. The following are considered safe for our small friends: Asters, Celosia, Orchids, Roses, Sunflowers, Zinnias

What flowers are best with dogs?

You can choose beautiful dog-safe bouquets on our website. Consider flowers without thorns that do not contain toxic substances. Such flowers as roses, asters, sunflowers, elaeagnus, alstroemerias, impatiens, and calendula are safe for dogs.

What vase flowers are safe for cats?

Plants and animals can be friends. Safe for cats are roses, alstroemeria, wax flowers, sunflowers, orchids. Try to make sure that your pet does not eat them. It is not dangerous, but it can cause indigestion.

Are bouquets poisonous to cats?

The acid contained in the leaves can cause burns to the mucous membrane and damage the respiratory system. Therefore, you should carefully choose flowers if you have pets. Dangerous for animals are: Dieffenbachia, Devil's ivy, Hydrangea, Christmas rose, Philodendron, Caladium, Azalea, Spurge.