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Are you looking for a unique flower arrangement idea? Why not consider using sunflowers? Sunflowers create interesting visual effects when used in arrangements

A bunch of sunflowers inspires with a wealth of colors and sun-like shape. A bouquet of these vivid flowers is best given to cheerful and open-minded people.

There is a legend: the nymph Cletia loved the sun god Helios very much. From dusk to dawn, she did not take her eyes off him. But Cletia's love was unrequited. Her tears dried up and turned into a sunflower.  

A radiant bouquet of sunflowers can be presented to a good male friend or colleague. Sunflowers are perfect as a gift for women because they are so bright and sunny. In addition, sunflowers go well with roses, which will allow you to choose a unique composition.

To whom can you give a sunflower and roses arrangement:

  • People of creative professions. They will undoubtedly appreciate the originality of these magnificent blooms.
  • You could give the arrangement to your significant other as a sign of your love for them.
  • Sunflowers can be given to a friend as a way of thanking them for being there for you.
  • Someone who lights up your heart.

Sunflowers and Roses

When picking such a vibrant and rich bouquet, it is essential to consider the gender and age of the recipient and the reason for the occasion.

What should be the color scheme of the composition? The juicy yellow color of sunflowers, embodying happiness and joy, certainly draws all the attention to the bouquet.

Sunflowers for the composition should be selected carefully. An organic bouquet will come out with neutral shades of white, light pink, and cream. Also, sunflowers can be combined with contrasting dark colors like burgundy or purple. Sunflowers look great both as a mono-bouquet and in combination with roses. You can choose unique varieties of yellow roses and sunflowers.

The main thing is not to combine many shades; otherwise, the bouquet will be overloaded. Experienced florists from Rosaholics will help you find a harmonious color combination for any occasion. 

Such a bouquet will definitely bring a smile and cheer you up. Also, florists can add eucalyptus sprigs to the bouquet, which will add even more originality.

Choose the shape. Men are traditionally presented with elongated compositions as a symbol of masculinity. The design should be restrained and concise.

For a woman, choose a bouquet depending on their age. Young girls can be presented with compositions of any shape, and strict round bouquets with clear lines are suitable for older women.

We offer only fresh blooms grown on our farm. Contact us to order a splendid, charming sunflower bouquet for your closest people. We will deliver your flowers within 3-4 days. If you still have doubts, our florists are always available - they can recommend you arrangements, or you can create your own, one-of-a-kind bouquet.


How long do sunflowers last?

Sunflowers typically last between 6-12 days. Look at the petals: if the outer petals are about to open, the flower should last for a long time.

Is it ok to give sunflowers to a woman in her later years?

Absolutely! The bouquet can cheer her up and inspire her with its vibrant hues. Try to pick a round-shaped bouquet with clear lines.

What colors of roses go perfectly with sunflowers?

Yellow and orange roses will look superb with sunflowers. But the bouquet can also be complemented with purple, red, and pink to make it unique.