RosaholicsΒ - created on the foundations of happiness, transparency and family.

After a lifetime of passionate intrigue and learning about the floral industry, our father created his first rose farm with a vision to make flowers better and easier for everyone to enjoy. Though our family is from a different region, he selected the land based on its unique conditions – high altitudes, steady sunlight, and rich soil – which provide the most exquisite natural surroundings for roses to flourish. He began cultivating the rose gardens that would quickly grow into a thriving flower farm.

That was over two decades ago! Perfecting the art of roses became a way to support our father’s vision for building a flower farm that valued craftwork, joy, and personal relationships. We grew up on the farm, sharing and learning every detail of the business. As kids, we loved helping out, especially during high seasons. We traveled to international trade shows, building friendships with colleagues and suppliers, all of whom we consider like family as they have seen us grow up over the years.

After completing our studies abroad and gaining our own international experiences in the world, we decided to return to our roots and carry on the legacy of our family floral business. But after seeing the way that flowers were delivered in different parts of the world, we knew that we had an amazing opportunity to change the way that people experienced fresh flowers.

First off, we noticed that most of our friends had no idea where their flowers came from. For many people, shopping for flowers was limited to whatever they found in the supermarket, and designer flowers wereΒ not always affordable. We knew we could provide better access to brilliant flowers at a better price. With our family history and expertise, we could knock down the door of the traditional way of shopping for flowers and open up direct access to premium, fresh-cut flowers coming straight from the farm!

Relying on our intimate knowledge of the floral industry, our expertise on roses, and our abundance of deeply rooted contacts with colleagues across the world, we decided to create a unique flower delivery experience, unearthing an unexplored world of premium roses that everyone can enjoy. From our farm to your door, we invite you to experience this special tradition of carefully cultivated roses, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

With love,

The Rosaholics Team