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Rosaholics - created on the foundations of happiness, transparency and family.

Almost two decades ago our father bought his first rose farm on the Ecuadorian highlands near the Cotopaxi volcano. Even though we are from a whole different region of the country, he had friends in the industry and became fascinated by the product and challenges it conveyed.

Consequently, our entire family followed him to support his new venture. We grew up living in the farm, where we got to witness and learn every detail of the business. As little kids, we helped out as much as we could during high seasons like Valentine’s or Mother’s day. We traveled to international trade shows, met colleagues, clients; suppliers all whom we consider family and have seen us grow up over the years.

Eventually, we parted to finish our studies abroad and started following our own passion, until we decided it was time come back to our roots. Returning to Ecuador to keep learning about the family business.

We started to realize our friends abroad didn’t know where their flowers were coming from. Their shopping for flowers was limited to what they found in the supermarket, and designer flowers were  not affordable for everyone. We wanted to knock down the door of the traditional way to shop for flowers and open up direct access to premium and fresh cut flowers!

That’s when we decided to use what we have learned over the years about the industry and our different talents to create a unique flower experience. Changing the traditional way of shopping for flowers, unearthing an unknown world of roses. Sharing a little piece of our world from our farm to your door. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

With love,

The Rosaholics Team


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