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A beautiful bouquet of flowers given with love might be one of the best presents to give! It is surprising how a simple bouquet can sufficiently raise the mood, bring positive emotions, and fill the soul with warmth and sun - especially if you give a lovely bouquet of roses on Valentine’s day. 

Today, a bouquet of flowers is so versatile that it is impossible to imagine a holiday or celebration without it. You can give a bouquet alone or with a gift. And the most popular and win-win option, if you have no idea what flowers to give and are not aware of the preferences of the giftee, is a rose. There are numerous of them, different in color and shape, natural, artificial and preserved. So how do you pick out what you need from such a variety of choices?

Rosaholics offers a wide range of color choices for you. Apart from classic color choices like red, pink or white, we created a number of bold and unusual color mixes. We have a special Valentine’s rose delivery - you only have to choose the bouquet you like. If you’d like to choose a brilliant yet tender bouquet, you can check out our ‘Crush bouquet’. If you prefer a classic bouquet, then ‘Foreverroses are a perfect choice for your Valentine. ‘Sunny Fresh’ is an outstanding option for those who prefer vivid and exquisite blooms. 


Which roses are best for Valentine's Day?

All roses are regarded as a good option for the present on this day. Indeed, you can hardly find a better flower to say ‘I love you’ than a red rose.

Can I give white roses for Valentine's Day?

Of course, you can. White roses are also considered to be a good choice for a Valentine’s bouquet.

What is the flower that says I love you?

A red rose is regarded to be the main symbol of love, passion, and strong attraction, so this one also stands for ‘I love you’.